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Wed Jun 3, 2020

cmdty Yield Forecast Indexes predict end of U.S. season yield at...

It’s that time of year again! The time when we start to see all of the hard work we put into our cmdty Yield Forecast Indexes pay off. Last year using our Yield Forecast Estimates we predicted the 2019 USDA soybean yield figures three months in advance and we’re back at it again with our initial cmdty Yield Forecast for the end of the 2020 season yield at 172.4 bu/ac for corn and 48.8 bu/ac for soybeans in the U.S!

US Soybean Forecasts

Make sure you mark your calendar because these estimates are released for free to the public on the first and third Tuesday of each month during the growing season through our Yield Forecast report. Better yet - clients of cmdty get access to daily forecast updates through cmdtyView Pro, and all users can get up-to-date estimates ahead of each WASDE report through our free livestream series.

2020 Grain Market Forecasts

cmdty yield estimates are built on geospatially generated data which is fed into machine learning models that evolve with each growing season. Calculated daily and covering more than 3,000 growing areas within the United States, cmdty Yield Forecast Indexes are available at the national level and all the way down to the county level for both corn and soybeans. Historical grain forecasts are available back to 2014. The power of this data combined with insights from cmdty’s recently released whitepaper describing how yield forecasts can be used to anticipate USDA estimate revisions, empowers users to improve their crop marketing and underwriting strategies.

Grain Yield Forecasts

The entire cmdty by Barchart product line is focused on providing professionals working in the physical commodity markets with better information and tools so they can deliver value to their firm. If you couldn’t tell - we’re extremely excited about the value of our Yield Estimates. So excited that we may have gotten a little carried away with all the ways you can access this information. To break it down, here are the exact steps you need to take to get enhanced access to cmdty’s insights on yield:

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