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Mar 3 2020

Ag Media Research

Ag professionals want to know what’s happening in their area and they rely on the media to keep them informed. It’s important for ag media professionals to research what’s going on in agriculture, understand what’s happening in the markets, and provide actionable insights to their audience.

Making sense of what’s going on in agriculture isn’t easy. We’re here to make it easier with the cmdty Media Network. The cmdty Media Network provides ag media professionals access to the data and tools they need to provide their audience with unique and insightful ag market data that is local to their area.

Our Free Tools for Ag Media Research

cmdtyView Pro

We are making our number one tool for Grain Merchandisers and Traders available to the ag media community. With cmdtyView Pro you can analyze the physical grain markets, create custom spreads, look at historical seasonality patterns, and much more. USDA info such as WASDE reports, grain production, and grain trade (imports and exports), is all available at your fingertips.

Our mapping makes it incredibly simple to plot the price of grain against the fundamentals, such as how much is being produced in that area, what the demand is, and ultimately come up with interesting insights you can provide to your audience.

Take a look at the sample dashboard below.

Ag Media Research

This dashboard has all of our grain indexes at the county, district, state, regional and national level, and you can see what that price is going out 12 months on that forward curve for grain, both basis and cash. This is powerful information - you can see what people have been paying for grain, what they should be paying for grain, and then compare that against what the bids are. For example, you can take the fair value for grain and compare that against local elevator bids. If a grain elevator is bidding 5 to 10 cents above what is typical in that area, that may not be a good bid to execute, which is something your audience will want to know! Check out our recent webinar for more examples of insights you can generate from cmdtyView.

cmdtyView Excel

With cmdtyView excel you can stream real-time data in Excel alongside physical commodities pricing, and global fundamental data. We made generating insights even easier with our Excel Template specifically built for Ag Media, which provides users with simple access to real-time basis values at the State, Region, and National level for corn and soybeans.

Research for Ag Media

Here are examples of insights that our tool generates automatically for users:

  • The cmdty National Corn Basis Index has increased by 2.58 cents in the past month, and is 15.38c higher than it was one year ago
  • Premiums between the Eastern and Western regions are decreasing slightly (-1 cent) and are up to 21.7 cents from a year ago (17.5 cents)
  • Based on historical seasonality trends we typically see basis weaken by about 14% heading into next month

If you need something specific, our representatives can work with you to build something out that meets your needs.

In addition to the data and tools we provide, we can also connect you with our grain market analysts so you can access market commentary and provide useful insights to your audience. We want to make this as easy as possible for our partners!

Membership to the cmdty Media Network also gives you access to exclusive events. All of our media partners get free access to our annual Grain Summit in Chicago which is taking place this year May 4th - 6th. And to make it even better, we are hosting a special session at the Grain Summit that is completely dedicated to ag media called Ag Media Summit. During this private session, we will discuss the various opportunities and challenges ag media faces and give an in-depth look at the latest tools available from Barchart to help better engage your audience with local data and information. What are you waiting for? Grab your free ticket here!

You might be asking yourself, “can I really get access to the data and tools I need for ag media research, connect with grain market experts and get access to exclusive events for free!? What’s the catch?” We know it almost seems too good to be true, but we promise it’s not! Our only requirement is that if you talk about our prices or content just site it and let them know it’s from cmdty by Barchart. It’s that easy! Fill out an application here and start providing your audience with the ag data they need.

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