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Feb 10 2020

Commodity Market Overview Streamed Into Excel

Our users love the cool Excel templates we provide to help them analyze cash commodities or forecast US crop production, but sometimes you just need to see what’s going on in futures markets. Well the wait is over. A simple, but extremely powerful template that helps users keep an eye on and analyze the futures markets.

Just select the product of your choice and the most active contracts will start streaming right into your dashboard. View multiple products at a time and get a view of current forward curves - which will update in real-time directly the chart. Additionally, we provide prebuilt spread matrixes that identify opportunities for calendar spreads and options strategies.

I’d tell you more about it, but it’s really that simple. 😛

Now a quick reminder of what you get with cmdtyView Excel…. the number one tool to stream commodity prices in Excel

  • Real-Time Data – Users can access real-time data to setup advanced alerts, triggers, or custom functions that allow you to take immediate action when things change.
  • Physical Commodity Data - Our Excel add-in comes packed with all of the exclusive cash pricing that our customers rely on. From cash transactions, fair value indexes, and geospatial intelligence, you’ll be ahead of the market.
  • Fundamental Data for Commodities - Deep coverage of global fundamentals through our cmdty Statistics database. Combine fundamental data on supply and demand with futures and physical prices to create unparalleled insight into your market

Clients can access cmdtyView Excel on a standalone basis or through their cmdtyView Pro subscription. cmdtyView Pro is the leading solution for commodity trading and workflows and has access to all of the physical prices and commodity indexes that are available in the cmdty ecosystem.

We love getting ideas from clients and seeing the cool use cases users have built around cmdtyView Excel - so definitely reach out at if you have any ideas.

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