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Jan 15 2020

Advanced Commodity Charting and Trading Enhancements

Our data and analytics platform, cmdtyView Pro, is the leading solution for commodity trading and workflows - and it just keeps getting better. We recently added a series of enhancements to make sure our users are able to make better decisions with the help of top-of-the-line interactive charts, quoteboards, and more.

The interactive charts available within cmdtyView Pro are built for and tested by institutional grade users, and allow them to analyze global exchange data and physical commodity prices all in one place. We’ve taken our already advanced features up a notch with a list of enhancements that include:

  • New plot types such as Colored OHLC, Hollow Candlesticks, Elder Impulse and Renko
  • Users are now able to apply the Supertrend and Volatility Stop studies as overlay studies to charts across the entire platform.
  • Speed Resistance Arcs and Speed Resistance Fans can now be drawn for sophisticated technical analysis

We also added many new features and enhancements in order to improve commodity trading within the platform which include:

  • The ability to place limit and stop orders and cancel working orders directly in the DOM ladder through mouse click functionality.
  • The bid/ask are now displayed green and red respectively and the last traded volume is shown, along with a more visible last traded price.
  • Once a trade is entered, a break-even level will display in the DOM for easier position management.
  • Iceberg orders are now supported through the Order Ticket panel in cmdtyView Pro.

As always, users can use the companion cmdtyView Excel Add-in to stream market data in Excel and build sophisticated worksheets that can power the most customized workflows. You can explore some of the latest Excel templates for commodities we’ve built here.

To explore these features yourself, you can start a free trial here. To learn more about any of our services drop us a line at or reach out here -

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