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Jan 8 2020

Get Market Data in Excel with Add-in Templates

The value that data can bring to businesses is substantial and it’s generally accepted that this value is consistently growing; but what good is all of this data if you can’t use it in your workflow? For users like commodity traders, research analysts, data scientists, and risk managers, it’s important that new data sources, information, and tools can quickly be integrated into their desktop to make better decisions.

When we launched cmdtyView Excel, our Add-in allowing users to stream commodity prices in Excel, we had this exact use case in mind. Our powerful software makes it easy to power bespoke research and analysis from any desktop - without being tied down to an expensive terminal product. Taking it one step further, we’ve developed a new gallery of templates for users to get started even faster.

Our cmdtyView Excel Add-In templates allow users to build off a series of popular, but sophisticated analytical frameworks. These were designed specifically to support the commodity trading industries across agriculture, energy, and metals. With futures prices, physical data, and fundamentals at your fingertips - the possibilities are endless

Our first release includes templates highlighting physical commodity data that you can only get through the cmdty by Barchart line of products.

  • Cash Forward and Basis Seasonality - Use our cash grain index prices to perform powerful analysis of historical basis trends for any relevant growing area within the United States. Chart current cash forward prices against historical averages to identify areas where grain is relative “lean” or “rich” in terms of basis pricing.
  • Forecast US Crop Production - This worksheet provides users with a platform to build their own production forecasts at the state and national level. By combining USDA estimated acreage data with corn and soybean yield forecasts users can estimate the amount of grain for a given growing season.
  • Crude Oil Pipeline Dashboard - Users already rely on us for oil price bulletin information, so we thought we could make it even easier for them to access by streaming this data into Excel. Quickly see historical values for cash crude oil and WTI basis, identify trends, and investigate divergence from rack prices or retail ULSD.
  • US Travel Centers Fuel Prices - Quickly understand trends in travel center fuel prices throughout the country and identify where pricing outliers exist. This worksheet offers retailers, travel center operators, energy traders and investors detailed comparisons of price indexes across the U.S.

Users can access cmdtyView Excel on a standalone basis or through their cmdtyView Pro subscription. cmdtyView Pro is the leading solution for commodity trading and workflows and has access to all of the physical prices and commodity indexes that is available in the cmdty ecosystem.

If you have product ideas or want to learn more about any of our services drop us a line at or reach out here -

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