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Wed Aug 5, 2020

Need Australian Cash Grain Prices? We've got you covered.

Australian Cash Grain Prices

G'day mate! Have you heard the news? We’re expanding our reach to our customers around the world with the integration of cash grain prices for Australian markets. Bids include prices from GrainCorp, Glencore, Bunge, AWB, and Riordan Grain. With coverage for most major grain buyers and locations, we make it easy to get all of the data you need in one place.

Here’s how you can benefit:

Grain Buyers: Get an instant view of your competitors grain prices to ensure your bids are inline with the market.

Hedge Funds: Leverage our best-in-class physical trade data to unlock alpha in grain markets.

Software and Media : Provide your clients with better information and tools so they can make improved grain marketing decisions.

You can access our cash grain prices through our simple OnDemand APIs. This allows you to consume the data directly from the source and integrate it into your enterprise software solutions.

Not ready to commit to an enterprise solution? Our Australian grain prices are also available through cmdtyview, our flagship commodity trading platform. With cmdtyView, you can get your feet wet using our data and build a proof-of-concept before committing to our APIs for your enterprise solution. Plus, if it’s available in cmdtyView Pro, then it’s available in cmdtyView Excel! By accessing Australian grain prices through cmdtyView Excel you can build highly scalable models and keep your internal and external stakeholders informed.

Used by the leaders in global grain markets, our grain price database is unparalleled in coverage and cleanliness. Contact us at or reach out here to get started.

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