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Aug 4 2020

August Yield Forecasts for Corn and Soybeans now available!

August Yield Forecast

Are you prepared for this Friday’s WASDE report? We’re here to help! Released for free to the public on the first Tuesday of each month during the growing season, and available to clients through daily updates, our Yield Forecasts allow users to get insights to guide their business decisions ahead of the USDA’s WASDE report.

We just announced our August cmdty Yield Forecast for end of season yield at 174.8 bu/ac for corn and 49.2 bu/ac for soybeans in the U.S. This represents an increase in forecasted yield relative to the July 7th report, which forecasted end of season yield for corn 173.8 bu/ac and end of season yield for soybeans 48.8 bu/ac.

So what do these estimates mean? Well for starters, growing conditions throughout the country remain strong, and this year’s forecasted crop has been more heavily impacted by changing expectations around acres planted than by weather up until this point. That said, while the national grain forecasts have been fairly steady, there has been yield variance at the state level which can impact local basis conditions as we head into the fall.

Looking for more insights to drive your business decisions? Register for our 2020 WASDE Preview Series where we take a deep dive into what our Yield Forecasts might mean for the upcoming USDA release. The next webinar session takes place this Thursday, August 11th!

WASDE Preview

With better information on supply and demand, grain professionals can market their grain smarter and more confidently. Clients of cmdty get access to daily forecast updates through cmdtyView Pro, and are well positioned to anticipate possible changes in localized basis conditions.

In addition to yield forecasts, subscribers to cmdtyView Pro also have access to the latest proprietary data products offered through the cmdty product line. This includes just released Australian grain prices, and the upcoming U.S. basis forecasts. All of these products combine to make cmdty the leader in commodity data. To learn more about any of our services drop us a line at or reach out here.

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