Commodity trading on your mobile device

commodity trading mobile

From trading commodities over landline phones, to using a computer and now mobile devices, the commodity trading industry is constantly evolving. Do you have access to the tools you need to keep up?

Stay in touch with the markets on the go or while working remotely with cmdtyView, the leading real time commodity trading platform. Packed with cash grain prices, futures execution, streaming news headlines, and advanced analytics you can now have full access to your cmdtyView subscription on iOS or Android mobile devices. Users can even use instant messaging to negotiate physical grain trading with buyers and suppliers in real-time. With mobile access to all news and market reports as well as customized price alerts staying on top of the markets has never been easier. Your workflows demand powerful tools and we deliver exactly that in one place. Download the iOS app to access cmdtyView on your iPhone and iPad here or download cmdtyView to your Android here!

Commodity Trading Mobile

cmdtyView features include:

Instant Messaging - Stay in touch with your most valued resource through our instant messaging network.

Futures Execution - Manage your hedge positions with instant access to key exchanges available through the CQG gateway.

cmdtyView Excel - Power your commodity trading with streaming prices, historical data, and all our proprietary content directly in Excel.

Accounting Integrations - Fully integrated grain deal management that is pushed seamlessly into your back office systems.

Economic Calendar – Stay up-to-date with the only economic calendar purpose-built for commodity markets. Easily chart and analyze the most important USDA releases and economic events that matter to commodity professionals.

Commodity News - Whether you need the latest in USDA headlines, hard-hitting analysis of grain markets, or access to Dow Jones, cmdtyView has the new feeds you need.

Physical Grain Trading - Access our deep community of sellers that use producer solutions with the cmdtyMatch integration built right into cmdtyView.

Simplify your workflows by managing your cash business, futures execution, and analytics in one place. Throw in our global futures coverage and broad physical grain pricing and cmdtyView becomes a game changer. Sign up for a free trial of cmdtyView here.

Whether you need to create advanced interactive charts, stream market data into excel, negotiate grain offers in real-time or stay up to date on commodity market news from your mobile device, we have a solution for you. To learn more about any of our services drop us a line at or reach out here -