2020 Corn and Soybean Yield Report Open to Registrations

Drumroll please……. for the first time ever, cmdty is making our corn and soybean yield estimates available to the public through a FREE report that we’ll be publishing twice per month. You might remember that we accurately predicted the USDA’s 2019 soybean yield figure over three months in advance. Now we’ll deliver this sort of information right to your inbox, and for many of the most popular growing regions in the United States.

cmdty’s Yield Forecast Indexes are used by Ag Lenders, Commodity Traders, and Grain Marketers to make better lending, pricing, and hedging decisions everyday. Now we’re democratizing access to our estimates - which will be released on the first and third Tuesday of the month starting in June.

Of course, our data feed subscribers and cmdtyView Pro users will still get exclusive access to daily estimates that cover every grain growing area in the United States.

Sign-up for our free yield estimate report here...

Looking a bit more closely in how you can use our yield estimates to make better decisions, here are a couple of our most popular use cases.

  • Ag Lending - Combine yield estimates with our cash grain forward curves to value collateral and potential farm income better than ever before
  • Crop Insurance - Use our yield forecasts to more accurately understand risk - on a forward looking and historical basis with daily forecasts available back to 2014.

  • Crop Marketing - With forecast data that is ahead of the curve you can build robust pricing models for futures. Combine with our basis indexes to customize a crop marketing strategy.

  • Commodity Trading - Get accurate data ahead of the USDA reports. With daily updated yields starting at the county-level you can be ahead of the curve and position yourself accordingly.

While you’re here please check out our 2020 Grain Summit, which is truly shaping-up to be the number one grain conference in North America. We’d love to have you, and customers and Ag media can attend for free.

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