Now Available! Basis Forecast Indexes for Corn and Soybeans

Grain Basis Forecasts

We’re committed to providing agribusinesses with the data and tools they need in order to make better decisions, improve workflows, and minimize risk. From our innovative grain yield forecasts to our grain basis indexes, you’re probably thinking it couldn’t possibly get any better, but we’re here to raise the bar again with the launch of cmdty Basis Forecast Indexes for Corn and Soybeans.

Sitting within Barchart's cmdty product line, these forecasts combine historical seasonality and current spot pricing to generate a forward curve of expected grain basis, giving grain buyers, marketers, and producers a simplified way to price and market grain more effectively. Over 12,000 unique forecasts are calculated each day across nine rolling delivery windows, and are available via daily updates for cmdtyView Pro and API subscribers.

Grain Forecasts for Basis

Here’s how you can benefit:

Grain Buyers: Improve your pricing strategy with forecasts that combine historical seasonality and current spot pricing to generate a forward curve that more effectively predicts future spot basis.

Grain Marketers: Improve your grain marketing strategies to grow your business and help your clients. Quickly identify mispriced basis opportunities and position your portfolio accordingly.

Producers: Our forecasts outperform grain bid forward curves and we’ve got the data to prove it. Combine twelve months of grain basis forecasts, our grain basis indexes, and grain yield forecasts to earn more from your crop.

As with all of cmdty’s proprietary data, cmdtyView Pro users are enabled to receive this data immediately. Enterprise data clients can subscribe via API or file service. To sign up for a free trial to cmdtyView Pro, please click here. To learn more about receiving API access to cmdty Basis Forecast Indexes, please visit our website.

Grain Basis Forecast

You can also acces our Grain Basis Forecasts in cmdtyView Excel. We’re providing multiple Excel Add-In templates for users to build off of a series of popular and sophisticated analytical frameworks, including our Basis Forecast vs. Forward Curve template. This template can be used to simplify how you price bids and market grain more effectively with localized basis forecasts that outperform your current forward curve.

Interested in learning more about cmdty by Barchart and our proprietary data sets? Register for the cmdtyExchange Virtual Grain Summit taking place September 21 - 23. This one-of-a-kind virtual event focuses on the latest trends, analysis and technology impacting the grain markets.

Grain Summit 2020

On September 23, tune in for the “Talking Innovative Ag with Barchart” panel to get an in-depth look at the proprietary data sets we’ve made available to the agricultural marketplace, including our basis forecast indexes, as well as geo-based grain indexes, yield forecasts, and much more. To register for free, please visit our website.

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