May 22 2023

Webinar Recap: An In-Depth Look at Barchart's Agribusiness Solutions

Last week we hosted an exclusive webinar with Barchart's Head of Sales - Commodities, Mike Driscoll, and our Customer Success Manager, Ashley Koenig. This webinar provided attendees with an in-depth overview of Barchart's cutting-edge agribusiness workflow solutions, including how Barchart's agribusiness solutions can enhance your market intelligence, producer relationships, and merchandising efficiency. Weren’t able to tune in? No worries, here are some highlights…

Before getting into the nitty-gritty, our team wanted to make everyone aware of our Grain Merchandising & Technology Conference taking September 10-12 in Nashville! During this fun and engaging 3-day event, grain merchandisers, originators, general managers, and other buyers of grain from across the US and internationally will gather to share ideas, network, and explore innovative workflows for grain merchandising and origination, including topics on hedging, ERP connectivity, CRM tools, and more - all while enjoying and taking in Music City! 

Here’s the kicker - if you register by June 1, golf is included for free! On Tuesday, September 12 the conference heads to Hermitage Golf Course outside of Nashville (shuttle buses provided) for the cmdtyView Classic Charity Golf Outing. Visit our event website here to view the full agenda and secure your tickets now. 

Now that you’re in the know about our event, let’s get into it. Mike kicked it off by explaining that Barchart’s modern workflow solutions for agribusinesses have many benefits including improved market intel, producer relationships, and merchandising efficiency. Over 600 agribusinesses, representing 2,000+ grain facilities, are powered by Barchart. This large user base allows for constant innovation and investment across software and services. Because we have these deep workflow relationships, it helps us understand exactly what our clients need and allows us to invest in deeper ERP integrations.

After giving an overview of who uses our solutions and how they benefit, our team dove into our comprehensive suite of workflows and how our technology connects merchandisers with growers - creating operational efficiencies. 

Our solutions are powered by Barchart's leading ERP/grain accounting connectivity, which allows growers to easily access contracts and scale tickets, evaluate offers, monitor cash bids, and follow breaking ag news - all in one place.

Barchart’s award-winning AgTech platform, Marketplace Apps connects producers directly into grain merchandiser workflows by linking producer-facing apps to cmdtyView, which sits on merchandiser desktops. Through our leading ERP connectivity mentioned above, these customized apps allow agribusinesses to easily originate, contract, sign, and hedge grain in a completely digital environment.

Mike pointed out that Marketplace has a couple of updates including futures market graphing capabilities, commodity-specific news feeds, and an improved and simplified merchandiser-to-grower chat which allows for communication within the app.

We then get a look at Barchart’s all-new Grower Portal. Giving growers their account information online, these portals provide the same valuable information available via Marketplace app, now on desktop! The portals feature added functionality to export scale tickets, contracts, balances, and settlements into an Excel spreadsheet. And the ability to submit offers directly from the cash bids panel with ease, either via mobile or desktop. 

It wouldn’t be a deep dive without getting a great overview of cmdtyView, Barchart’s leading commodity data and analytics platform. The platform allows users to analyze data, make a decision, and then put it into action with one simple workflow. cmdtyView is entirely cloud-based and includes a mobile app. It even includes an Excel Add-in, cmdtyView for Excel, which has access to all the valuable commodity data available through cmdtyView. Some of the data accessible within cmdtyView includes:

Market Data

  • Global Exchange Data
  • 4,000+ Location Bids w/History
  • County-level Yield Forecasts
  • Basis Forecasts

Spatial Data Sets

  • USDA and Global Fundamentals
  • Crop Conditions / Bid Maps
  • Rack Data for Energy Prices
  • Satellite and Weather Analytics

Commodity News

  • Barchart News
  • Dow Jones Newswires

After filling us in on cmdtyView, Mike and Ashley let us know how you can increase efficiency and manage risk with cmdtyView Hedge. cmdtyView Hedge allows agribusinesses to automate hedging for physical grain in cmdtyView. cmdtyView Hedge unlocks more efficiency by creating automated hedge orders for open offers and then pushing grain contracts and hedge executions directly into an agribusiness’s ERP system when an offer matches. Content and features include:

  • Manage bids in one place, and make them actionable/hedgeable
  • Allows merchandisers to bundle < 5000-bushel offers into hedgeable quantities
  • Dynamically adjust all open GTC orders when Basis changes
  • Automatically accept offers and immediately create a pre-hedge GTC futures order
  • View your cash and futures positions in real-time, grouped by delivery and futures contract

Mike finished up the exploration of Barchart’s Ag solutions by letting the audience know how you can add efficiency in origination with the cmdtyView CRM. cmdtyView CRM allows you to manage producer’s information directly in cmdtyView, prepare for calls with growers more efficiently with historical sales data in one place, communicate to groups or individual growers seamlessly, and reduce risk with insights on current producer’s information regarding offers in place as well as current contracts and stored bushels in multiple locations.

Ashley and Mike then participated in a Live Q&A. In this webinar, we learned that through advanced technology and powerful data, agribusinesses can greatly simplify their workflows, better connect with their growers, and improve efficiency. Are you ready to get started? To learn more about Barchart’s agribusiness solutions visit our website or click here to request a demo! You can view the entire webinar here.