Aug 5 2021

How to Add Stock Market Data To Your Website

Adding stock market prices to your website is a great way to drive user engagement and keep users coming back to your site.  The first step to adding stock market data to your website is determining what data you want to add.  Our data catalog outlines our extensive equities data and prices offering. 

After you’ve determined what data you'd like to add the next step is to determine what frequency of data you want.  We offer real-time market data, historical market data, delayed market data, or end of day market data.  Our real-time stock market data is sourced directly from equity exchanges and our redundant data integrity policies ensures our data meets the highest standards of accuracy.  Our historical stock data is created from our real-time data feeds and is available for equities data and prices dating back to 1980.  Our delayed data provides a cost saving approach to adding stock market data to your website and is offered at a 15-minute delay for equities.  Our reliable end-of-day stock data is the industry standard for global coverage of the financial markets.  

Finally, you need to determine how you want the data delivered - through a streaming data feed, stock data APIs or a custom digital solution

Barchart Stream

Barchart Stream simplifies your workflows and offers a cost-saving approach to accessing low-latency market data in original exchange format.  Barchart can deliver streaming data feeds via dedicated lines or over the internet with Level 1 or Level 2 depth. With our well documented feed handlers, time spent on initial development and ongoing maintenance is reduced - allowing you to focus more time on product, marketing, and sales.

Barchart OnDemand

Barchart OnDemand is a cloud-based offering developed for accessing and delivering market data APIs and information using web services. Our flexible market data APIs and access to our global content inventory makes integrating data easier than ever before.  Our OnDemand service pricing is based on usage, meaning you only pay for the amount of data you use. We can scale up our services in a matter of seconds and offer versatile packages tailored to your specific needs that range from small to enterprise solutions.

Barchart Digital

Barchart Digital transforms complex financial information into engaging and interactive experiences.  Data can be integrated using the delivery mechanism of your choice, and this flexibility allows us to tailor our solution to your needs.  

Through Barchart Digital services we can build you client engagement tools powered by stock market data.  Present your users with an engaging user experience across any device at any time. 

Barchart makes adding powerful stock data to your website simple.  Our customers count on Barchart to deliver high-quality, high-availability solutions for their business-critical applications  – let us build a solution for your business that improves your ROI.  Contact us at to get started.