Sep 5 2023

Barchart's Corn Yield Prediction: Above and Beyond USDA Expectations

Barchart's Crop Production and Yield Forecasts offer users assistance in making decisions related to crop marketing and ingredient procurement before the conventional forecasts are released by the USDA. We're thrilled to share that our September 2023 Crop Production and Forecast reports have been published!

The latest report predicts end-of-season yield of 177.6 bushels per acre for corn, which is a remarkable 2.6 bushels per acre above the USDA's latest prediction. 

But wait, there's more to this story.  The latest report forecasts an end-of-season yield for soybeans at 50.7 bushels per acre, just 0.2 bushels per acre below the USDA's recent prediction.


The real drama here is the battle with the elements. Prolonged drought and record-breaking heat have teamed up to create a formidable foe. With a significant portion of the soybean crop still in the crucial pod-setting phase, which relies on August moisture, yield forecasts are taking a hit, and concerns about supply availability are on the rise.

Barchart’s Crop Production and Yield Forecasts allow users to identify areas of opportunity before traditional USDA reports are released.   Get ready for a bi-weekly dose of crop production forecasts, available to the public for free. And for those who crave daily updates, our enterprise data and cmdtyView Pro clients have got you covered.

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