Jan 31 2023

4 Tools You Need to Convert Users on Your Financial Media Site

You have a great financial website packed with valuable information that users can benefit from - but how do you get them to come back time and time again? In order to keep users coming back for more, they need to be able to actively engage with your site. This may sound overwhelming, but it’s more simple than you think! Here are 4 digital solutions you can use to drive user engagement and convert users on your financial media site…

Interactive Charting

Barchart’s Interactive Charting Solution makes it easy to add Financial Charts to your website and drive user acquisition, activation, and conversion. Barchart’s pure JavaScript Charting Library can responsively adapt to any environment and was built with the goal of providing developers with simple, but sophisticated tools that can be quickly integrated in as little as three lines of code - allowing them to get up and running fast. Use our market data to power streaming charts or fill with data you already have. Our HTML5 Charting Library is entirely customizable, deployed on your servers, and built for teams with developer resources.

If you’re looking to add Interactive Charts to your website, but you don’t have the developer resources available for a customizable Charting Library, our Interactive Charting Widgets are a great fit for you. Our Financial Charting Widgets provide enormous features in a small package. You can copy and paste beautiful charts into your website or products with minimal development required! Use our Chart Widget Configuration Tool to quickly choose your desired chart defaults and then simply copy and paste the embed code into your website.

Both our HTML5 Charting Library and our Interactive Charting Widgets provide you with a simple yet sophisticated solution to adding Financial Charts to your website and driving user engagement. 


Barchart’s Stock News API is another tool you can use to power your website, applications, and software with global headlines news feeds personalized to your investment focus. Barchart global headlines news feeds aggregates titles and URLs from global sources and links to metadata like symbols and categories - making it easier for users to find the information they need. We don't change the URL, add tracking or anything. A headline feed takes you directly to the source URL, we simply point you in the right direction.

Barchart’s News Services work natively with any of our Market Data Feeds and digital solutions. Barchart's ticker mapping and categorization allows you to easily link market data feeds to news, inject news into our Interactive Charts, power News Alerts for your users, or compare news events to Point-In-Time Historical Market Data.

Watchlist Solutions 

Barchart's Watchlist solution is the premier tool to capture, activate, and monetize your users. We make it easy to design, build, and deploy - so you don't have to!

Watchlist is consistently the most used tool on our financial portal Whether you're building a desktop client or mobile apps - our tools scale to meet your needs. Use our battle-tested Watchlist APIs with your UI or let Barchart deliver a fully responsive and dynamic user experience that will incent user engagement and monetization regardless of your economic model. Interested in seeing our Watchlist API for Stock Tracking, Financial Charting, and Digital Media in action? Demo our watchlist system here.

Portfolio Solutions

Portfolio Solutions from Barchart are a proven tool to engage users and drive your sales funnel through a customizable, high performance, API-based system.

Barchart’s Portfolio Solutions bring powerful functionality to clients utilizing our responsive Digital Solutions – and to clients deploying their own front-end tools. Use our battle-tested portfolio system with your UI or let Barchart deliver a fully responsive and dynamic user experience that will incent user engagement and monetization regardless of your economic model.

Digital Portfolio Solutions

Barchart’s broad Financial Data ecosystem allows Portfolio Solutions clients to integrate 3rd-party content and our own proprietary measures – creating unmatched context for users to view their holdings. You can also integrate our Charting Solution for optimal user engagement. If you're building either a desktop client or mobile apps - our tools scale to meet your needs. See for yourself! Demo our portfolio solution here.

Whether you’re looking to engage your users through Interactive Charting, provide breaking News from world-leading sources, capture them with dynamic Watchlists, or drive sales through customizable Portfolios - Barchart has your back. To get started, contact us at and visit our website to learn more.