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HTML5 Charting Library

Use our data to power streaming charts or fill with data you already have. Entirely customizable, deployed on your servers, and built for teams with developer resources.

HTML5 Charting Library To Power Your Platform

Fully Responsive

Fully Responsive

Our charting library supports all modern browsers across desktop and mobile and can adapt to any environment. Make the right impression on any device and deliver a consistent and superior user experience - all the time.



Our charting library is designed to grow as your requirements do, allowing you to quickly tweak and customize the user experience via simple API calls. Your development team will thank you as our well-documented library simplifies everything.

Use Anywhere

Use Anywhere

Our charting solution works immediately across all of your platforms simplifying your build. Instantly provide your users with hundreds of indicators, plots, and features that look great everywhere.

High Performance

High Performance

Just because our charting solution is lightweight and browser based, doesn't mean it lacks performance. Charts are drawn on Canvas technology and will update tick for tick.



The charting library is capable of displaying any data currently within the entire Barchart ecosystem, but additionally can support any third party data feed.

Plain Vanilla JavaScript

Plain Vanilla JavaScript

The library is written in plain vanilla JavaScript and doesn't require the use of any frameworks, although they can certainly be used if desired. No matter your requirements, we’ll provide a solution so simple your developers will thank you.

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Who uses our charting library?


Attract, engage, and retain your customers with high-quality market data and financial tools. Our hosted digital content and tools supercharge your products with a repsonsive, mobile-first design; while our APIs for global exchange data can power your entire operation for less than you thought possible.


From fully managed, bespoke financial portals, to easily integrated widgets, our solutions can power your customer facing application with dynamic data, tools, and market intelligence. Transform complex financial information into engaging and interactive experiences with Barchart's Digital Solutions.

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Advanced Charts

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Frequently Asked Questions

I don’t see a feature I’m interested in. What’s up with that?

The charting library has from the very beginning been created with extensibility in mind. If you don’t see a specific feature you’re looking for, drop us a line. There’s a good chance we may already be working on this exact feature for an upcoming release. If we aren’t already working on getting this feature added, we’ll look into how to get this added to our workflow and let you know what we can do!

I really like the charts, how do I use them?

Take our charting library for a test drive on our demo site. You’ll instantly be able to interact with our hundreds of indicators, plots, and features live and in action. Have further questions on functionality? We’re here to help.

Do I get the source code?

No. Your subscription includes on-line access to our documentation and access to a private GitHub repo which contains our software developers kit.

Is support available for the charting library?

We’re here to help which is why we have gone ahead and created resources for you to succeed. View our Documentation website where you can find the answers to most questions. Still need answers? Contact us and we’ll get back to you asap.

I have my own data, does it work with your charts?

The charting library is open and agnostic meaning it has the ability to read data from the Barchart feed or your own feed as well as it can be totally tailored to meet your functional demands. Additionally, the charting library can be easily white labelled or re-branded to match your own corporate identity.

What third-party library dependencies are there?

Our charting library is compatible with all popular frameworks, but with no library dependencies.

Are the charts drawn with Canvas or SVG?

We chose to draw our charts on Canvas rather than SVG for many reasons, but what it boils down to is that Canvas provided the highest performance technology to support the needs of streaming financial charts that can render quickly on any device. You can read more about Canvas vs. SVG on our blog.