Which Barchart Data Product is Right For You?

We offer hundreds of global financial data products for countless use cases, but how do you know what solution is right for you? Because our data offering is so extensive, it might be difficult to narrow it down - hopefully this blog post can give you a better idea!

First things first, take a look at the different types of market data we offer:

All of the above types of data can be delivered to you in real-time, delayed, end-of-day, or historically. Now that you’ve had an overview of our data offering and the different ways you can consume it, let’s see what delivery method is best for you…

Barchart Digital powers customer facing applications with dynamic data, analytics, and financial tools including watchlists, portfolios, charting, news and more. This allows you to present your customers with a captivating user experience across any device, at any time, and helps create a visual that seamlessly integrates with your firm’s brand in order to engage customers.

We recently conducted a stock market survey, and doing so, found that 94% of active investors check stock quotes at least once per day, primarily via their desktop computer. This statistic proves that it is essential for financial media firms to provide their users with a premium desktop experience. You can see how The Globe and Mail refreshed their entire suite of financial tools in order to provide superior financial news and insights to their readers.

Barchart OnDemand empowers users with direct API access to extensive market data that is easy to implement. Our cloud-based market data APIs can be used for custom analytics, charting, building the next great financial app or quickly deploying your back-office, risk management group or accounting system.

Our API’s are both simple-to-use and flexible, allowing you to tailor them to your needs. See how with our APIs, Simplifi by Quicken receives all the investing data their customers need to reach their financial goals.

Barchart Stream powers software and/or front, middle, and back office systems. We simplify your workflows by consolidating global exchange data and offer a cost-saving approach to accessing low-latency market data in original exchange format.

With our well documented feed handlers and streaming content sourced from global exchanges, time spent on initial development and ongoing maintenance is reduced - allowing you to focus more time on your business, and less time on data. See how INTL FCStone reliably powers their mission-critical software products, and free’d up internal resources in order to spend more time on content and client relationships, with streaming data feeds from Barchart.

Still don’t see exactly what you’re looking for? Need a combination of solutions? Need inspiration in order to meet your end goal? No worries! Our development team is flexible and can work with you to build the perfect data product for your specific needs.

Whether you’re looking to acquire customers more efficiently, build a custom app or website, or get to market faster, Barchart can provide you with the right solution. Our portfolio of use cases is extensive and we are confident that we can help you, too. Learn more about our data products and chat with the Barchart team to find the exact product you’re looking for!