What Drives Retail Investors in 2020

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A Stock Market Survey by Barchart

Advancements in web and mobile technology have given investors access to more information than ever before. In order to determine where retail investors turn to for market data and financial tools, Barchart compiled a comprehensive Stock Market Survey to further understand what drives retail investors in 2020. To view our findings, you can download the full report by clicking below.

Inside the Survey:
  • Where do people check stock quotes the most often?
  • Where do they receive financial news from?
  • What would users like to see more of?
  • Why are premium desktop experiences key for active investors?
  • Learn how business professionals are an opportunity to better serve and monetize.
  • Learn why developing an ecosystem to differentiate from Big Tech is needed.

...plus more!

A Stock Market Survey by Barchart

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