HTML5 Charting Library or Interactive Charting Widgets - which is a better fit for you?

Interactive Charting Library

Providing your users with access to interactive financial charts drives user acquisition, activation, and conversion. Barchart’s interactive charting solutions makes it easy to implement charting across all of your platforms. Both our HTML5 Charting Library and our Interactive Charting Widgets can provide your users with the most beautiful financial charts around. But which of these solutions is right for you?

HTML5 Charting Library

Barchart’s Charting Library is a high performance HTML5 compliant library that was built from the ground up in plain vanilla JavaScript, which means there are no 3rd party library dependencies - but it’s compatible with all modern-day frameworks such as Angular, React and VueJS. The library is 100% API based and is the preferred solution for those looking to work a little closer to the metal, and especially for those looking to control the entire design and user experience. Our charting library is designed to grow as your requirements do, allowing you to quickly tweak and customize the user experience via simple API calls.

The Charting Library supports all data within the Barchart ecosystem out of the box and can also be integrated with 3rd party or customer proprietary data feeds with minimal work. The library is Canvas based (as we determined that HTML5 Canvas outperforms SVG) and packs a punch with a small but robust library roughly 300KB in size.

Features and functionality of the charting library include:

  • Over 100 technical indicators
  • Over ten different plot types
  • 20+ annotations
  • Various data views and cursor tracking options
  • Supports the entire Barchart data ecosystem
  • Supports 3rd party data feeds and customer proprietary data

Check our very own interactive chart demo to test-drive the charting library for yourself.

Interactive Charting Widgets

If you’re looking to add interactive charts to your website, but you don’t have the developer resources available for a customizable charting library, our interactive charting widgets are a great fit for you. Our charting widgets provide enormous features in a refreshingly small package. You can copy and paste beautiful charts into your website or product with minimal development required!

The Chart Widget is a highly interactive and feature rich charting component which can be easily integrated into your website or application with just a few lines of code. Use our Chart Widget Configuration Tool to quickly choose your desired chart defaults and then simply copy and paste the embed code into your website.

Customization options include:

  • Set a default symbol, aggregation and plot type
  • Set a default study or studies
  • Show or hide various menus and toolbars to meet your needs
  • Choose from a dark or light theme to match your brand needs
  • Pass specific width and height

Browser Compatibility:

  • Chrome 61
  • Firefox 60
  • Safari 11
  • Edge 15
  • Electron 2

Both our HTML5 Charting Library and our Interactive Charting widgets provide firms with a simple yet sophisticated solution to building better products and driving user engagement. Whether you have the developer resources available for a customizable charting solution or you’re looking to copy and paste charts with minimal development requirements, we have the solution for you. Contact us at to learn more about our charting solutions.