A Glimpse into our New Stock Market Survey

Earlier this week we announced the release of our new Stock Market Survey: What Drives Retail Investors in 2020, which was compiled from the results of over 400 respondents. The responses came from three unique audiences: a General Online Audience, surveyed on Facebook; a Business Professional Audience, surveyed on LinkedIn; and, an Active Investor Audience, surveyed on

You’re probably curious why we created this stock market survey in the first place, and most importantly, why is it important? We wanted to be able to provide financial media, wealth management, and brokerage firms with a comprehensive look into the data and financial tools that are currently driving the most engagement among retail investors. Through the results of the survey, these firms will be able to clearly understand each of the different audiences and enhance their platforms with the tools and features that matter most to retail investors when it comes to following and trading stocks.

What’s covered inside the stock market survey? We were able to discover a significant amount of meaningful information into how retail traders, from novice to serious, engage with the stock market and with which tools. The survey includes answers and data to 10 questions for readers to analyze, including everything from the importance of financial news to which devices retail investors check stock prices on.

The survey also offers multiple different conclusions on how to continually engage retail investors, including how to differentiate from Big Tech competition, how the business professional audience provides an opportunity to better serve and monetize, plus much more. Download the free stock market survey now to immediately access all of this information!

Financial media, personal finance, and any other firms who cater to retail investors will easily be able to take the results and conclusions from this report and enhance their own services and products to actively engage their retail investor users. To download the stock market survey, please click here. To use and explore Barchart’s own tools and features made available for retail investors and traders, including both free and premium services, please visit