Build a Scrap Yard Pricing Dashboard with Live Market Data in Excel

Our clients love using cmdtyView Excel to stream market data in Excel as it provides the flexibility and customization that one-size-fits-all software cannot. Users can build the exact tools, models, and dashboards they need for their workflows while automating data extraction and normalization that can be painful when working with multiple types of datasets.

One use case that we have consistently seen from our customers is for scrap yard pricing dashboards. Since the reference futures products are traded across different exchanges (COMEX, LME, and Shanghai), denominated in different currencies, are composed of multiple underlyings, and have many different units of measure (i.e. Lbs, Metric Tonnes, Short Tones, and cwt) creating a unified dashboard can be difficult.

That’s why we’re pleased to offer our brand new template that is built for scrap yards to create streaming cash metal prices in Excel, which they can offer out to their network of scrappers. We take the complexity out of combining various underlying futures into one single reference price. In the example below, we provide default compositions (can be edited by the user) for the most popular varieties of Brass products - which contain various amounts of Copper and Zinc depending on the product. Our complex algorithms do all the work, so all our users need to do is select the unit they want to create live and actionable quotes for their customers.

What takes it to the next level though is all of our historical scrap yard pricing which is available through the cmdty Scrap Metal Index family. By comparing our national scrap yard benchmarks to the relevant blended futures price, we are able to calculate a historical basis value which dictates what the relevant fair value flat price for a given scrap product should be.

Flat Price Fair Value = Blended Futures Price - Historical Basis

Users can easily override our historical basis values for their own custom basis values or even apply a standardized offset around our calculated flat price. This scales to any product and allows scrap yards to provide better pricing than they ever have before.

Get free access to our scrap metal indexes

Clients can access cmdtyView Excel on a standalone basis or through their cmdtyView Pro subscription. cmdtyView Pro is the leading solution for commodity trading and workflows and has access to all of the physical prices and commodity indexes that are available in the cmdty ecosystem.

We love getting ideas from clients and seeing the cool use cases users have built around cmdtyView Excel - so definitely reach out at if you have any ideas.

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