cmdty Grain Indexes and Crop Production Forecasts now available via CME Group's DataMine Platform

CME Data Mine and Barchart

As the leading provider of commodity data to North American agribusinesses, we're excited to announce that our cmdty Crop Production and Yield Forecasts and benchmark cmdty Grain Basis and Price Indexes are now available to consumers via CME Group's DataMine platform! This new relationship allows us to get our market-leading products in front of the world’s most diverse derivatives marketplace, and helps CME Group clients access unique data to drive trading strategies.

Barchart’s cmdty U.S. Grain Indexes, from county to growing region to state and national level, are the only benchmark for physical grain in North America and are available for basis and price across a twelve-month forward curve. Updated daily, and inclusive of our leading yield forecasts, crop production forecasts from cmdty by Barchart provide users with a complete picture of supply for U.S. grain. These innovative data products, which were built using geospatial intelligence and machine learning techniques, help futures traders and grain professionals make more informed trading and grain marketing decisions.

Yield Forecast Indexes

National and state production forecasts for corn and soybeans can also be accessed semi-monthly through our free U.S. Crop Production Report. Daily production forecasts for corn and soybeans - with access to crop reporting district and county-level estimates - are also available to cmdtyView Pro users and API subscribers.

Corn and Soybean Crop Production Report

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