Barchart's proprietary technology consolidates and compresses direct feeds from each exchange, providing institutional quality and low-latency market data and information. Our broadcast data feeds are available using both .NET and Java APIs, complete with code samples, documentation, and specialized technical support for quicker development.

We also offer raw or original exchange format, such as FIX. OnDemand data feeds utilize FTP or HTTP transfer.

Barchart data feeds can be delivered using leased lines, cross connects, or the Internet. We offer a variety of connectivity options (below), as well as cloud-based connection via Amazon EC2 web services.


Barchart offers two types of Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) and Software Development Kits (SDKs) for streaming real-time, delayed, end of day and historical market data (feeds or ticker plant).

Our in-house technology team provides high-performance code that is continually updated, complete with code samples, documentation, and tech support. Barchart's proprietary format consolidates and compresses direct feeds from each exchange.


  • Written in fully managed C# code
  • .NET 2.0 Framework
  • Server-side component as well as client-side
  • Sample code is provided
  • Source code is available


  • Written in pure Java
  • No external native libraries are needed
  • Server-side component as well as client-side
  • Sample code is provided
  • Source code is available


  • Stream real-time market data direct to web browsers and mobile apps (Android, iOS, Chrome, IE, Firefox, etc.)
  • Available in Java, JavaScript and Swift
  • Uses Socket.IO
  • Sample code is provided
  • Source code is available

These APIs are available as both server-side components (for institutional customers) and client-side components (for app developers and independent software vendors).

In addition, we offer broadcast data feeds in raw or original exchange format (e.g. FIX, CTS, UTP, etc.) via cross-connects from exchange points-of-presence. Our OnDemand feeds utilize FTP or HTTP transfer in XML or CSV format.

Learn more about Barchart OnDemand.



  • API for monitoring event-based market data and conditions
  • SMS, email and push notifications
  • Runs in AWS, scalable and redundant
  • Fully managed service
  • Third-party data integration
Barchart's Event-Based API provides developers REST API and/or Socket.IO endpoints for implementing market data and news based real-time alerts when their user-defined conditions occur.

These events are typically based on market data (e.g. when a stock, future, index or other financial instrument trades in excess of or below a given price, when volume crosses a specified level, when a moving average is crossed or when news on a symbol is released, etc.). Available through gitHub.


Barchart’s proprietary technology consolidates and compresses your data while maintaining the speed, accuracy and reliability of tick-for-tick raw exchange feeds, all without a high consumption of resources.

Barchart offers a variety of connectivity options:


A convenient and reliable way to deliver market data. With our proprietary compression and reliable packet delivery technologies, internet delivery may be used to connect directly to your data center (for front or back-office use) or a user’s desktop app. Barchart maintains connectivity to the major internet service providers (ISPs) ensuring high-speed, direct paths of delivery.
Internet is used to deliver our real-time or delayed snapshot data feeds via web services (XML or CSV format), as well as end-of-day and historical time series data.


For a point-to-point direct connection, you can connect to our data center using one or multiple carriers of your choice.


For ultra-low latency data feeds, Barchart offers the flexibility to relay raw exchange data, in its original format, directly from the Equinix data center facility in Chicago.

With multiple exchange points-of-presence, the Equinix facility offers an ideal co-location or cross-connect solution. Our presence at Equinix also provides Barchart the capability to offer market data delivery utilizing various telecommunication carriers.


Barchart maintains virtual data centers within the Amazon EC2 cloud. This method allows your organization to use virtual servers.


You can get co-located or cross-connected exchange points-of-presence and the option to develop directly to raw exchange formats including: FIX, CQS, CTS, UTP or BBDS.


Barchart offers traditional UDP and TCP transfer protocols—as well as a a hybrid option that is highly configurable, fast and firewall friendly. The hybrid option provides TCP-guaranteed delivery and uses UDP to reliably transfer market data with congestion control.

This option means even faster delivery, lower latency and reducing the levels of packet loss that may be associated with standard UDP.


The JERQ Middleware Server is the gateway to Barchart’s normalized data feeds. Barchart maintains direct connectivity to each exchange and normalizes each exchange message format through data feed handlers (e.g. FIX, CQS, CTS, UTP, etc.)—then it is funneled into our proprietary compressed digital data format.

Data feeds are then relayed to the client (via our servers or the client’s). Clients can access the JERQ Middleware Server using Barchart APIs or their own.

The JERQ Middleware Server performs these functions:

  • Authenticates users
  • Tracks permission for authorized users
  • Relays market data as a stream or snapshot (real-time, delayed or end-of-day)
  • Barchart middleware
  • Authenticates and authorizes historical data users
  • Supports requests for exchanges and symbols
  • Supports UDP, TCP and streaming over HTTP, HTTP snapshot

The JERQ Middleware Server is typically managed and hosted within Barchart’s data centers; however, third-part hosting is available. Please contact us for additional information.