Hosted Feed Solutions

Power front, middle and back-office systems.

Barchart's Market Data Feeds are used by companies in finance, commodities, agricultural, energy and media.

Barchart data feeds are compatible with many independent software vendors (ISVs) offering trading, charting, and financial analysis applications and websites, as well as back-office systems for portfolio valuation, risk management and accounting.

For Independent Software Developers (ISVs)

Features & Benefits:

Software firms and developers can easily integrate real-time, delayed, and historical market data into third-party applications with technology managed and hosted by Barchart. Market data is fed directly to the client/end-user applications with Barchart as the vendor of record.

Choose from our .NET or Java API, complete with code samples, documentation, and specialized tech support—or develop your own API.

Market data is sourced directly from each exchange, consolidated and compressed into our proprietary format—then delivered utilizing TCP or UDP transfer protocols directly from our servers to the end-user.

In addition, Barchart can host user registration, billing, subscriber agreements, exchange reporting and market data related support.

User registration is fully automated through our custom-built user registration form, styled to match your branding.

Data packages with pricing for varying symbol limits and data are available.

  • Direct access to major exchanges, global forex and extensive historical data
  • Barchart fully manages and hosts the market data technology and related resources
  • Multiple APIs available
  • Competitive pricing for real-time, delayed, end-of-day and historical data
  • Fully automated user registration and access to a dedicated support desk