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  • Hedder - 46 minutes ago
    Gold is attracting a lot of attention lately given the inflationary period we are in. How does Gold hold up against inflation in recent times? What drives the demand for Gold?
    GCQ23 : 1,979.8 (+0.06%)
  • CME Group - 57 minutes ago
    The Russell Reconstitution ensures changes in market capitalization, sector composition, company rankings and style orientation over the past year are captured. Russell 2000 futures may be useful for managing stock additions and deletions because it tracks the index with no tracking error incurred by trying to replicate the reconstitution.
  • Blue Line Futures - 1 hour ago
    We have seen incredible strength from the S&P since the October lows...
  • Market Tea Leaves - Fri Jun 9, 6:19AM CDT
    Yesterday the UI numbers came in far worse than expected but the markets didn't falter. What will we see today?
  • Swift Trading Company - Thu Jun 8, 3:18PM CDT
    I think a great deal has been accomplished this week.  The higher price paid by some may well be the last time they pay that much.  As well, those that did buy, may not need to come back to the market anytime soon.
  • CME Group - Thu Jun 8, 11:36AM CDT
    Discover the significance and impact of the Russell 2000 index reconstitution on small-cap stocks and the broader market in this informative article.
  • Blue Line Futures - Thu Jun 8, 7:17AM CDT
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  • Market Tea Leaves - Thu Jun 8, 5:47AM CDT
    Yesterday we suggested a Mixed Day for the markets as we saw little semblance of Market Correlation Wednesday morning. What will we see today? Read on to learn more...
  • Alpine Trading - Wed Jun 7, 8:45PM CDT
    Every Major Metal gave a bearish signal today.
  • Blue Line Futures - Wed Jun 7, 3:57PM CDT
    A risk-on move was slammed after the Bank of Canada hiked rates. The rotation continued though and E-mini Russell futures added another 2% although the E-mini S&P lost nearly 0.5%. Crude gained on China Import news, but metals were bludgeoned.