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Get access to the largest database of technical analysis data with Barchart's proprietary content covering stocks, indices, funds, futures, options, and forex

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What Do You Get With a Technical Analysis API?

Whether you're using the data for your own analysis, or creating visualizations for your products, technical calculations can help you make sense of the noise. Barchart also calculates proprietary opinions and buy/sell/hold signals on financial instruments

Technical calculations on stocks, indices, funds, futures, options and forex

Includes standard and proprietary calculations

Real-time or delayed delivery available

Access to the largest database of historical technical data

All the most popular studies like MACD, Bollinger Bands, and Moving Averages, and more

Who Uses Technical Analysis Information?

Professional Traders

Build reliable technical analysis data into your strategies to improve your entry and exits


Create compelling visualizations that engage your users and allow them to dig deeper into their portfolios than ever before


Build amazing tools that allow users to screen on technical data and turn those ideas into actionable outcomes

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