Data Management Solutions

Barchart is relied on to deliver high-availability, high-quality market data solutions for demanding institutions. The same exacting standards used to power our robust and scalable infrastructure are now available to clients as an enterprise data solution.

Power the integration, aggregation, distribution, and maintenance of your firm’s data with Barchart’s Enterprise Data Management services.

Concentrate on what drives your business

Barchart integrates, so you don’t have to...

Our diverse coverage of core financial data allows clients to cut redundant costs integrating and maintaining data that isn’t mission critical to your business

We combine our data with your proprietary data...

and deliver all of this content exactly how your organization needs it


Barchart Data Management

Powered by AWS

  • Maintenance
  • Security
  • Upgrades
  • Prioritization
  • User Access Controls
  • E-Commerce

Let Us Manage Your Data


Make Decisions Faster

Get data when and how you need it — delivered via API directly into the platform of your choice.


Focus on Sales, not Process

Worry less about how you can deliver client solutions, and more time pitching to them.


Productize Your Data

You have data that's valuable, but difficult to distribute — we make it easy to monetize.

Problem: "We can’t monetize our data assets"


Barchart integrates with your internal datasets and builds APIs to deliver this newly productized data to users – both external and internal.

Barchart manages and hosts the solution, but you retain full control of customer relationships and experience

Problem: "Our data assets are too complex"


Barchart combines your internal datasets, content you already license, and incremental datasets from Barchart – all delivered in the cloud for simplified access

Let Barchart simplify your complex data infrastructure – allowing you focus on things that are core to your business

Monetize Your Data  |  Reduce Costs  |  Focus on Selling

Data management is what we do to power our own applications and solutions – let us do what we do best for you.

Our customers count on Barchart to deliver continuously, and we take great pride in serving and supporting our clients at the highest level.

Barchart is nimble, flexible, and easy to work with – we are confident in the solutions that we can deliver to your firm