Data Management Solutions

Leverage Barchart's powerful infrastructure to collect data from multiple source types including data streams, pull and push files, and synchronized on-demand queries. Our capacity to store, transmit and distribute data spans both physical and cloud-based data centers. This infrastructure is available to clients as part of our Enterprise Data Management solutions.

Organizations can leverage our infrastructure to manage their own data, while Barchart systems handle exchange and reference data, as well as unformatted and loosely-formatted data. Our redundant, distributed data stores are both SQL and NoSQL.Barchart has built an extensive set of APIs which organizations can implement as part of their websites and apps to extract data. These APIs are backed by authentication and authorization systems which allow for field-level access, and all extractions can be audited.

Our data distribution platform includes streaming data, OnDemand per query access, time-based files creation, and distribution via HTTP, FTP, and email. Clients can also utilize Barchart's Content Management System (CMS) to create unique front ends for internal and external users.

Our comprehensive EDM services (below) can be customized, and are fully managed and hosted by Barchart.


Server Warehouse

Data is managed, distributed and stored by Barchart:

Data Warehouse


  • Infrastructure hosted at both Amazon Cloud and Equinix
  • SQL solutions using both Open Source and proprietary technologies
  • NoSQL solutions delivered with Hadoop and Cassandra

Barchart manages multiple database clusters for our own and customers' infrastructure, using the most effective technologies for the underlying data, load, update frequencies, and usage profiles.
All of our databases are distributed across multiple zones and/or multiple regions. Barchart houses terabytes of historical price data (tick, minute, daily), fundamental data, reference data, news, and other unformatted data.

Distribution Warehouse


  • Distributed via FTP, HTTP, SCP, SMTP
  • Create and manage user and distribution groups
  • Download OnDemand or at pre-set intervals
  • Customized and fixed format file structure

Design and manage how your data is distributed. Customize your data formats, create distribution lists, and deliver your data to your customers in virtually unlimited formats and methods.

EDM end-user solutions include:

Data Cloud

(OnDemand/Web Services)

  • Centralized data means a centralized API model
  • All data interaction via data access layer
  • Flexible data update and retrieval

All data that resides on our database cluster is accessed via a central set of APIs. Depending on the types of data and requirements, additional custom APIs may be written. This allows for a flexible system to extract data.
All of our services are built on top of the API layer. You can choose to expose the API layer to your customers, giving them direct, programmatic, and flexible access to the data, while preserving all security, auditing, and tracking.

Data Warehouse


  • Leverage our web service tools
  • Data visualization tools
  • Mobile and desktop apps

Depending on your requirements, you can leverage the pre-existing tools that Barchart has built for web, desktop, and mobile to view and analyze your data.
From charting to screeners, Barchart has developed an extensive set of widgets and analysis tools for data which can be integrated into your custom solution.

Data Web Solutions


  • Distribute data files, APIs and content
  • Manage users, groups, and subscriptions
  • Leverage our experience with payment gateways and E-Commerce

Hundreds of companies use Barchart's CMS to create, design, maintain, and host their websites. You can leverage this technology for your own site (or microsite). The technology includes the ability to create users, groups, and manage subscriptions to data, newsletters, and text messaging. Barchart also provides the ability to accept credit card transactions and payments, and integrates these with the subscription model.

Barchart infrastructure includes:



Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2) is a web service that provides scalable compute capacity in the cloud. It's designed to make web-scale computing easier for developers. Using Amazon EC2's simple web service interface, you can obtain and configure capacity with minimal friction, completely control your computing resources, and reduce the time required to obtain and boot new server instances. This capacity and ease-of-use allows you to quickly scale capacity up or down as your computing requirements change—and you only pay for capacity you actually use.



Barchart partners with Equinix Data Centers because they are the leading global interconnection platform, facilitating more than 135,000 connections for 4,500+ customers. With Equinix, Barchart can provide clients with on-demand and direct access to multiple clouds and multiple networks across the globe. Equinix has a 99.999% average uptime and world-class security, with five controlled entry points to access the colocation floor. By distributing your IT infrastructure across multiple sites, you can streamline the network routes that handle your data traffic, increase the speed of critical applications, and significantly improve end-user experience.