Jun 2 2023

Introducing Rolling Cash Bids in cmdtyView!

We’re excited to share that we recently introduced rolling cash bids in cmdtyView, our comprehensive commodity trading platform! This exciting new feature enables users to effortlessly access the complete history of Spot month cash bid price/basis without the need to constantly update symbols within their Cash Bids panels. With rolling cash bids, users can unlock valuable insights and perform in-depth analysis with ease.

Gone are the days of manually updating symbols within the Cash Bids panels to access historical data. With rolling cash bids, users can now plot the complete historical data of Spot month cash bid price/basis using a single rolling cash symbol. 

The introduction of rolling cash bids in cmdtyView empowers users to delve into data analysis and make informed decisions more efficiently. By eliminating the constant symbol updates on the panel, users can save valuable time and concentrate on analyzing the data at hand! The continuous population of data ensures that you always have the most up-to-date information at your fingertips. 

cmdtyView was designed to be a comprehensive solution for commodity workflows, providing users with a suite of powerful tools. By enabling users to access rolling cash bid data effortlessly, analyze it in detail, and make well-informed decisions, cmdtyView becomes an indispensable platform for users of all kinds.

Analyze data easier, make decisions quicker, and ultimately improve your performance with rolling cash bids in cmdtyView. To learn more about cmdtyView and request a free trial, please visit our website.