May 18 2023

Barchart and KRM22 Partner to Empower Global Risk Management

We are thrilled to announce a new strategic partnership with KRM22, a technology and software investment company focusing on risk management for capital markets! This collaboration allows KRM22 to integrate Barchart's extensive market data coverage into their SaaS-based products, enhancing its capabilities and providing users with a comprehensive risk management solution. 

The integration of Barchart's extensive market data into KRM22’s global risk platform will provide their users with a holistic view of market trends, volatility, and pricing dynamics - empowering them to make more informed decisions in an increasingly complex and volatile market environment. 

This comprehensive understanding of market conditions will empower risk managers to evaluate and mitigate risks more effectively, optimize trading strategies, and enhance portfolio performance. As market conditions evolve, this collaboration ensures that financial institutions have the necessary tools to adapt and thrive in an increasingly complex and volatile environment. 

Financial professionals worldwide trust Barchart’s market data to access the crucial information they need to make investing, trading, and risk management decisions. To learn more about Barchart’s market data services or to explore our comprehensive inventory, please visit