Nov 21 2022

Futures News API - Get Global Futures News Delivered Directly Into Your Application

Built on the same infrastructure as Barchart’s leading market data APIs and financial charting, our futures News API offers advanced ticker normalization across publishers helping clients easily build products featuring market data, financial news, and HTML5 charting.

Integrate Barchart’s futures news API into your client-facing applications, improving news ROI, and customer engagement.  Our global coverage of news publications is extensive, and our focus on financial news and information differentiates our offering from other general News API.  

Key features of Barchart's News APIs include:

  • Advanced freeform searches: Identify critical market events and stories with advanced freeform search capabilities.
  • Symbol tagging: Filter news by symbol to monitor and understand news trends for specific public companies.
  • Get news by organization: Narrow your search results to a single news organization or track news from multiple sources.
  • Filter by language: Filter your news search from over 47 different languages.
  • Thumbnails: Receive news thumbnails from your preferred headline feeds.

Combined with Barchart’s market data solutions and digital tools, Barchart’s News APIs provide clients with the opportunity to source comprehensive financial information and tools from a single source. 

Our advanced ticker normalization reduces time to market and allows you to get your solution up and running fast. Reach out to us at to schedule a demo or contact us here.  We’ll talk through your goals and you’ll be able to see exactly what our news services can do for you.