Nov 14 2022

Stock News API for Top Headlines and Articles

Keep your users engaged with timely and relevant financial news right on your website or app!  Barchart’s Stock News API delivers relevant market-moving content from 100+ trusted sources with coverage of 50+ countries, and dozens of global markets.

 News is delivered through powerful market data APIs that deliver a reliable and scalable cloud solution.  Our advanced ticker normalization reduces time to market and allows you to get your solution up and running fast. 

Advanced search and filter features allow you to quickly find the exact content that fits your application requirement.  Our News API search and filter features include: 

Advanced Freeform Searches

  • Identify critical market events and stories with advanced freeform searches.

Symbol Tagging

  • Filter by symbol to monitor and understand the news trends related to specific symbols.

Get news by organization

  • Limit your search results to a single organization of your choice or track news sources from multiple organizations

Filter by language

  • Limit your searches to a language of your choice.  Choose from 47 different languages. 

Whether you need general financial news, specific topics, press releases, or more advanced filtering, we've got you covered!

Ready to get started?  Barchart offers 30-day trials for qualified users and companies. To explore our news services for yourself, reach out to us at to request a free trial.