How Far Back Does Barchart Data Go?

Barchart provides historical equity data and commodity prices delivered down to the exact precision our users need. Our historical market data is created from our real-time data feeds, and we make sure that our market data APIs make it as simple as possible for users to build this reliable data into their products. At Barchart, we think your decisions, products, and services are only as good as the data you have. That’s why our historical data offering is extensive, flexible, and scalable - so you can make better decisions, build better products, and sell more to your customers. But just how far back does our historical data go? We’ll break it down for you by asset class...

Our historical data clearly goes back a long time, but how is this data available to our users? We source our data directly from each exchange, we then consolidate and compress it into our proprietary format—then the data is fed directly from our servers to the end-user and can be accessed by a one-time purchase of bulk information, or can also be part of a recurring subscription. Users can access our data via leased-line, the internet, cross connect, Java Api or .net API.

Through our Barchart OnDemand service, we support both GET and POST requests as well as SOAP. Data can be delivered in multiple formats including XML, JSON and CSV, and can be streamed over WebSockets. Or, with Barchart Digital services, you can power beautiful charts and other client engagement tools with our historical data.

By relying on high-quality historical data from Barchart, you can spend more time focusing on your customers, product, and marketing. No matter your specific needs, we can customize a package to suit you. Get started today by contacting us here, or send us an email at