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Barchart offers proprietary fundamental equity data, along with content sourced from third-parties such as Morningstar and Zacks Investment Research.

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What Do You Get With an Equity Fundamentals API?

Clients can access current and historical fundamental equity data on thousands of publicly traded companies. Whether used for your own analysis, built into software, or as part of a digital solution, our fundamental equity data is comprehensive and accurate.

Coverage on thousands of public companies

Historical information available

Simple to use data formats

Income Statement, Balance Sheet, and Cash Flow statements

Accurate data you can trust

Dividend data and other corporate actions

Who Uses Equity Fundamentals Information?

Equity Analysts

Programatically perform fundamental analysis at scale with API solutions that allow you to automate modeling that previously was done in Excel

Professional Traders

Build reliable fundamental data into your strategies to improve theoretical valuations and improve entry and exits


Build engaging visualizations and tools that allow users to dig deeper into their portfolios faster than they ever have before

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