Apr 17 2023

Pull Point-In-Time Data Across Multiple Asset Classes With Market Replay!

Market Replay is a powerful Quote and Trade historical data archive delivered as a simplified API service. Use Market Replay to easily pull point-in-time data across multiple asset classes, including equity and futures options.  

Market Replay offers several benefits including:

  1. 1. Risk Management: Get ready to level up your risk management game with our revolutionary tool! Say goodbye to tedious data analysis and hello to lightning-fast risk assessment. With just one simple query request, you can access all the tick data you need, right down to the bid/ask. Prepare to be blown away by how effectively and effortlessly you can now assess risk!
  2. 2. Compliance: Rev up your compliance game with Market Replay! Say goodbye to tedious hours spent sifting through historical data, and hello to lightning-fast access that keeps you on top of those ever-evolving regulatory requirements - your compliance team will thank you 
  3. 3. Data Management:  Revolutionize the way you manage data with our cutting-edge service!  You can easily load Barchart’s historical data archive into your own firm’s database. 
  4. 4. Trading Strategies: Unlock the power of deep, rich data to drive your trading strategies to new heights, test cutting-edge algorithms like a pro, and discover new opportunities.  Don't settle for less when you can have it all with Barchart's unmatched historical database

5. Backtesting: Simply determine the amount of opportunity your trading strategies may bring using Barchart’s reliable historical tick data!

6. Accuracy: Barchart’s historical data is created from our real-time market data feeds, ensuring users that our data meets the highest standards of accuracy.  We've set the bar sky-high for accuracy, and we never compromise when it comes to delivering the very best for our users!

Need historical futures options data?  Get access to futures options history via Market Replay!  Historical futures options data provides portfolio managers, research analysts, risk managers, institutional investors, and academic researchers with the data they need to evaluate risk and enhance their research, trading, and analysis capabilities.  

Market Replay ties directly into front-office decision frameworks and back-office processes. Whether you require non-streaming historical data for market analysis, risk management, accounting, or charting, Market Replay is the solution you need.  So what are you waiting for?  Visit our website or contact us at to get started!