Apr 13 2023

Get Access to Historical Futures Options!

Barchart is excited to announce that we are now offering futures options historical data! Explore our futures option's historical data here.  This data is delivered to clients via our point-in-time historical database.  

Historical futures options data provides portfolio managers, research analysts, risk managers, institutional investors, and academic researchers with the data they need to evaluate risk and enhance their research, trading, and analysis capabilities

Key benefits of historical futures options data include:

  • Estimate potential returns on investments and trading strategies.
  • Make more informed decisions about when to enter and exit positions.
  • Gain insight into the forces driving the financial markets.
  • Speculate on market direction and hedge against price fluctuations.

The benefits of historical futures options data are undeniable, making it a critical tool for those seeking to enhance their investment portfolio. By leveraging this market data, investors can gain a competitive edge in the market and unlock new opportunities.
Are you ready to take your research and analysis to the next level? Visit our website or contact us at to get started.