Aug 16 2021

The Food Biz Episode 5: Paleo Lite

The fifth episode of the Food Biz is out now! This week hosts Kristyn Tarpey and Ryan Nelson are joined by Barchart’s Chief Strategy Officer and paleo lite adherent, Keith Petersen. The three discuss the intricacies of the popular Paleo diet, the clean label movement, and the pros and cons of trying to eat clean during a pandemic.

The group begins the discussion by breaking down what following a paleo diet means to them, which they describe as eating no grains, no processed foods, and no alcohol - basically, to be paleo means eating all whole foods. Still, it can mean different things depending on who you ask.

Keith then tells us that he used the pandemic as an opportunity to reset his lifestyle to make healthier choices since he had more time at home, wasn’t going into the office, and wasn’t traveling so much. One thing that helped him and his family make wiser decisions was meal delivery kits. He said they used Blue Apron, and now he’s looking into other options such as Freshly and Factor.

Kristyn expressed that meal kit deliveries don’t quite have her sold yet, but once they check certain boxes, including the time to put it together, the actual ingredients used, budget, and how many people you’re trying to serve - she thinks they’ll take off.

The group also discusses how people are becoming more mindful and looking more closely at labels in the grocery store, especially post-pandemic, since folks are feeling more and more comfortable physically going to the store. People are looking for gluten-free, no preservatives, and no artificial flavors - and that’s where the market is going. 

Ryan pointed out that people used to care about seeing fat-free, low sugar, etc., on their labels and, now people want to see organic, keto-friendly, etc. Kristyn agreed that it’s crazy to see the shift towards the keto diet since people strictly look for fat-free and low-fat options.

Keith then mentioned the price point of foods labeled keto or paleo-friendly, and that it’s interesting from a food & beverage perspective since these brands can get a premium price for these items that have an ora of health around them. Kristyn jumps in to say that eating clean is becoming the norm and these healthier options will start being more accessible to consumers.

Krystin, Ryan, and Keith wrap up the episode by discussing different athlete’s diets and how the food they eat relates to their performance. You can listen to the entire episode now to learn more about where the food industry might be headed regarding health consciousness in consumers. Don’t forget to subscribe to The Food Biz on Spotify or in the Apple Podcasts App! Reach out to us by email at with any discussion topics, questions, comments, or overall feedback; Ryan and Kristyn would love to hear from you!