Engage Users with Market Data Alerts

Market Data Alerts

Providing users with useful financial data and investing tools keeps them coming back and engaged with your site! A popular tool on our financial portal,, is market data alerts. Our users love to create custom alerts to stay on top of the markets they are trading.

We know from experience that building a data-driven alert distribution system with text, iOS/Android push support, and email notifications isn't easy, which is why we offer Market Data Alerts Delivered as a Service. Barchart’s Alerting Service provides firms with the ability to easily integrate event-based alerts using any data that is available within Barchart’s ecosystem into their websites, software, mobile apps and internal systems. As an API-based managed service, third-parties can easily build their own interface around the service which then monitors user specified conditions in real-time and notifies users via text message, email notifications, iOS/Android push notifications, or a web service, when an alert is triggered.

Market Data Mobile Alerts

With Barchart's exhaustive array of market data for multiple asset classes the possibilities for alert conditions are endless! You can also scale your alerting capabilities and provide a rich user experience with support for multiple alerting conditions (if, and, then). Barchart’s Alert Service will continuously monitor your alert conditions. Once your conditions are met, notifications are immediately delivered.

If you want to maintain full control of your front-end and would just like to use our alerts service in your backend, the process to do this is extremely simple. Our quickstart guide gives you all of the information you need to get started integrating alerts within your front-end.

Check out the video below to learn more about the features packed into our Alerting Service:

Barchart Alerting Service

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