Historical Market Data via Barchart Market Replay

Did you hear? We just launched a brand new historical market data service called Barchart Market Replay! Market Replay gives our clients access to historical market data across multiple asset classes, including equities and futures through on-demand API or file-based delivery. Through Market Replay clients can access tick, minute and daily time series data across trades and quotes.

What would this data be used for? We’re glad you asked. There are various use cases that can be used across different departments within an organization. Take a look:

  1. Risk Management: Assess risk more effectively than ever before. Quickly pull all of the tick data you need all the way down to bid/ask using one simplified query request.
  2. Data Management: Manage all of your data together easier than ever before. Easily load Barchart’s historical data archive into your own firm’s database.
  3. Compliance: Quickly access the historical data you need to stay up to speed on ever-changing regulatory requirements.
  4. Trading Strategies: You can use Barchart’s deep historical database to develop trading strategies, test new algorithms, and identify opportunities.
  5. Backtesting: Simply determine the amount of opportunity your trading strategies may bring using Barchart’s historical tick data.

As you can see, Market Replay was created for the most demanding users - but we also want you to know that Market Replay was created directly from Barchart’s real-time data feeds, ensuring it meets the highest quality of standards. 

Start spending less time on data management and more time moving your business forward. To learn more about Market Replay, please click here or contact us at To view Barchart Developer documentation, please click here.