Canadian data, eh? We've got you covered.

4,000 new data series for Canada are now available on cmdtyStats!

You can read all about it in our latest blog post.

Short on time? Some highlights from this release include:

  • Monthly Crude Oil Production
  • Price indexes for Oilseeds, Livestock, and Grains
  • GDP from the Cannabis sector

Now that's a lot of data.

Make Better Decisions with our Daily Grain Market Report

Looking for insights on the current landscape of physical Corn, Soybean, and Wheat markets? We got you covered with the release of our free daily grain market report. Delivered every morning this report provides benchmark price assessments for the U.S. grain industry. By subscribing to this report, users will be able to identify trends before they happen, find new opportunities within the market, and ultimately make more informed decisions.

Check out our blog post to learn more! To download the report please click here.

Introducing our New Infographics Page

Need a clearer picture when it comes to understanding commodity data and information? We’re happy to announce that we just released a new webpage for Infographics! This page will be dedicated to providing you with images, charts, and diagrams to help you better understand commodity data and information.

Check out our first infographics now — a weekly report for Soybeans and Corn!

New Whitepaper: How Agribusinesses Manage Cash Grain Workflows

The results are in! We surveyed leading agribusinesses and grain buyers on how they manage the workflows surrounding physical grain and used these results to create a whitepaper “How Agribusinesses Manage Cash Grain Workflows In Today’s Technology Landscape”.

We’re really excited about the release of this whitepaper because it will help Grain Elevator Managers, Grain Merchandisers, Traders, and Market Advisory Service firms who are faced with the challenge of adapting their workflows to keep up with an ever-changing Ag industry. Ag professionals will learn how to build data-forward cultures, invest in their people, and provide employees with the right tools for the job – scaling their operations now and into the future.

You can check out the full press release here. To download the whitepaper, please click here.

Grain Buyer Roadshow Announcement - August 26-30

We’re hitting the road this summer with the launch of the cmdtyExchange Roadshow, a free conference series being held in five states across the Midwest.

We’ll be meeting with grain buyers, elevators/co-ops, processors, commodity professionals, and industry experts who will gain insights and perspectives on the 2019 grain market, and share information on the latest data and tools used to manage physical grain buying.

We’ll also be giving attendees an inside look at the data, analytics and tools behind our cmdty product line - including an overview of our patent-pending county, growing region and state-based grain price and basis indexes.

Come join us this summer! You can view the full agenda and register for free by selecting a city on our website.

Chart your course with the 2.1 release of cmdtyView

Things just keep getting better for our customers as cmdtyView continues its path to the leading platform for commodity professionals. As always, current subscribers get access to the new data and features all delivered to their front-ends without any downloads or additional costs. The latest and greatest content and features at a stunning value

"We continue to build on our strong 2.0 release and are committed to making cmdtyView the only platform agribusinesses need to manage their workflow and risk," Chris Harrison, CTO of Barchart stated.

  • We completely ripped out the old chart library and dropped in a brand new home-grown library that is lightweight, super high-performance, and completely responsive. More to come!
  • Made some fairly significant performance improvements to the chart update model which should improve CPU and memory consumption
  • Added ability to view delayed and end of day exchanges/data sources in symbol browser. If you haven't checked-out our symbol browser - you can find it by clicking the magnifying icon on any quoteboard

Check out all the other features and improvements on the cmdty changelog

Our Economic Calendar Comes Alive!

We have steadily been building out our API-based economic calendar for integration into your trading system (know when to widen out your quotes), or software (make sure your users know the most important news of the day).

We are the only economic calendar out there that is focused on commodity markets. Today we're making it easier for you to know what commodity reports and economic events we have configured in the tool.

Like with our other explore pages, you can export the full list to CSV in the bottom-left portion of the screen.

As always, any new data products we release can be found in cmdtyView Pro - the best value in commodities trading out there.

Try it, you might like it!


Increase Grain Profits with Basis Indexes

Get the free whitepaper that everyone is talking about. This 18-page whitepaper will help users understand how changes and trends in basis can help you buy grain cheaper, sell grain for more, optimize hedging, and make better lending decisions. Producers, Grain Buyers, Market Advisory Services, Ag Lenders, Processors, Trading Houses, and Food Companies can all benefit by learning more about grain basis

All new cmdtyView 2.0 Release

Learn how to upgrade your commodity trading today! With an all new charting experience, global spot prices, a souped-up economic calendar, and multi-language support, your ability to find revenue opportunities has never been better.