Seasonality and Grain Marketing

A market participant’s decisions on grain marketing, such as when and how to market grain, can have a substantial impact on the financial results of their operation. As a result, it’s important for producers and processors to develop a strong understanding of basis pricing for key selling/buying areas.

In our recent blog post we explore basis pricing and give specific use cases on how to leverage it when making grain marketing decisions. Check out the blog here.

Understanding Basis In Relation to Grain Prices

Basis is a concept used throughout financial and commodity markets. Most simply, it represents the spread between two related instruments and is most commonly used to express the relationship of cash and futures products.

In our recent blog post we discuss the variables impacting commodity basis and how it relates to grain prices. Check out the blog here.

Powerful Interactive Charts for Traders and Investors

We are excited to announce the release of our new and interactive charts for traders and investors through our public financial data platform, Built entirely from the ground up,’s new interactive charting provides desktop and mobile users with access to fast, interactive charts designed to be easy-to-use yet powerful for the most serious of users. Read the press release here to learn more.

Impact of Ethanol Production on the Ag Industry

Ethanol, a renewable fuel typically produced from Corn, has historically been highlighted as a key enabler of meeting global renewable energy goals. In recent years however the appeal of this biofuel has waned as alternatives have come to market. Check out our recent blog post to learn about the impact of ethanol production on the agriculture industry.

Using Growing Degree Days to Forecast Production

Growing Degree Days (GDD), also called growing degree units (GDUs), is a commonly-used measure of heat accumulation used by agronomists and producers to make predictions for crop development rates.

In our recent blog post we cover how you can use growing degree days to forecast production as well as discuss alternative methods.

Check out our blog post to learn more.

Webinar: What Drives Retail Investors in 2020

Join us for a webinar on Wednesday, March 25th (2pm - 3pm CST) to receive an inside look into our survey What Drives Retail Investors in 2020 as well as the tools that matter most to investors in times of an ever-changing market.

Register for the webinar here.

How Simplifi by Quicken Helps Users Stay On Top Of Their Finances

Quicken wanted users of their brand new personal finance solution, Simplifi by Quicken, to be able to view market insights, including data and news, in order to keep track of and manage their investments. Check out our latest case study to learn more.

Marketplace Now Available

We are very excited to announce the release of Marketplace, as part of the cmdty by Barchart product line. Manage offers, chat with producers, and grow your business faster than you thought possible with elevator-branded mobile apps that interact with your desktop.

Check out our latest press release to learn more.

New Partnerships, Powerful Charting Solutions and More!

From our new partnership with Quicken, to our Charting Solutions webinar, we’ve had quite the month here at Barchart Check out our recent blog post to see what we've been up.

We Partnered with Simplifi by Quicken to Give Users the Financial Data and Tools They Need!

We couldn’t be more excited about our new partnership with personal finance application, Simplifi by Quicken. By providing access to our suite of market data APIs and investor tools, users can now get live investment tracking and can easily monitor their total portfolio values, holdings, and day change across all of their accounts. Check out our latest blog for all the details!