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NVDA 822.79 (+4.00%) AMD 202.64 (+5.25%) TSLA 202.64 (+0.38%) AAPL 179.66 (-0.60%) SMCI 905.48 (+4.54%) META 502.30 (+2.48%)

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HISTORIC CALIFORNIA SNOWS: Implications for El Niño transition & potential impact on corn and soft commodities

Jim's video touches on atmospheric rivers, broken records, and his favorite "weather weirdos" (plus more...)

ZCK24 : 424-6s (-1.11%)
CORN : 19.30 (-1.33%)
ZSK24 : 1151-2s (+0.92%)
SOYB : 24.21 (+1.04%)
ZWN24 : 561-2s (-3.11%)
KEN24 : 555-4s (-3.27%)
WEAT : 5.24 (-2.78%)
SBK24 : 21.09s (-2.77%)
CANE : 12.80 (-2.96%)
CCK24 : 6,327s (+4.60%)
Soybean Meal & Oil, What Keeps The Trend Intact And How To Spot A Trend Change With Fibonacci Retracements

Educational and Actionable information using the Fibonacci retracements and W.D. Gann analysis. New Video!

ZLH24 : 44.62s (-0.09%)
ZMK24 : 332.3s (+0.94%)
Corn Bleeds into Weekend

The corn market faded on Friday with 12 ¾ to 5 cent losses across the front months. May futures were still up by a net 11 cents for the week, and Dec prices were up by a net 9 ½ cents on the week. Weekly...

ZCH24 : 412-2s (-0.84%)
ZCPAUS.CM : 3.9574 (-0.92%)
ZCK24 : 424-6s (-1.11%)
ZCN24 : 436-2s (-1.13%)
Friday Gains in Cattle Futures

Feeder cattle prices led the way higher on Friday, ending up by as much as 1.7%. Despite the strong finish to the week, March feeders were still down $1.60 wk/wk. Fat cattle rallied $1.50 to $3.10 on the...

LEJ24 : 188.450s (+1.67%)
LEM24 : 184.000s (+1.53%)
LEQ24 : 182.700s (+1.11%)
GFH24 : 252.975s (+1.60%)
GFJ24 : 258.000s (+1.68%)
Triple Digit Rally for Friday Hog Futures

Front month lean hog futures were up by $1.32 to $1.85 on the last trade day of the week. That left the April contract at a net 87c gain for the week. USDA’s National Average Base Hog price was dropped...

HEJ24 : 88.075s (+1.67%)
HEM24 : 102.050s (+1.85%)
KMJ24 : 94.000s (+0.75%)
Lock Limit Drop for Friday Cotton Market

Old crop cotton futures will see expanded 5 cent limits on Monday after ending the Friday session down the limit. Board strength earlier in the week kept prices 2c higher for the week’s net move. New...

CTH24 : 97.56s (-3.94%)
CTK24 : 95.57s (-4.02%)
CTN24 : 93.77s (-4.09%)
Soy Futures Firm for Weekend

The soybean futures market ended the last trade day of the week with double digit gains for old crop and 6 to 7 cent gains in new crop. The May contract finished the week with a net 9 ½ cent gain. Nov...

ZMK24 : 332.3s (+0.94%)
ZLK24 : 45.16s (-0.11%)
ZSH24 : 1143-0s (+1.31%)
ZSPAUS.CM : 10.9105 (+1.31%)
ZSK24 : 1151-2s (+0.92%)
ZSN24 : 1161-2s (+0.87%)
Wheat Flips Net Lower for the Week

Friday’s double digit selloff flipped the week’s move to net lower across the U.S. wheat futures. Chicago prices were down by 17 to 18 ½ cents on the day. That left May SRW at a net 15c loss for the...

ZWH24 : 560-0s (-3.03%)
ZWK24 : 557-6s (-3.21%)
KEH24 : 580-0s (-3.77%)
MWH24 : 648-2s (-2.45%)
Elon Musk sues OpenAI and CEO Sam Altman, claiming betrayal of its goal to benefit humanity

Elon Musk is suing OpenAI and its CEO Sam Altman over what he says is a betrayal of the ChatGPT maker’s founding aims of benefiting humanity rather than pursuing profits

MSFT : 415.50 (+0.45%)
$SPX : 5,137.08 (+0.80%)
$DOWI : 39,087.38 (+0.23%)
$IUXX : 18,302.91 (+1.44%)
Mistrial declared in Delaware lawsuit blaming landscaper's cancer on use of Roundup weedkiller

A Delaware judge has declared a mistrial in the latest lawsuit alleging that exposure to the popular weedkiller Roundup causes cancer

$SPX : 5,137.08 (+0.80%)
$DOWI : 39,087.38 (+0.23%)
$IUXX : 18,302.91 (+1.44%)
MON : 10.07 (+0.20%)

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Consumer Sentiment posts largest intra-month drop since March 2020 👀
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Almost 73% of S&P 500 stocks are trading above their 200D moving average. Sounds good right? But twice in the last 12 months, the breadth was actually slightly stronger when the $SPX was much lower. Conclusion: The largest stocks are leaving the rest of the market behind.
Total Put/Call Ratio drops to 0.74, the lowest level since December 28, 2021 👀 Retail continues to YOLO calls.
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For the first time in 2 decades, the U.S. is now importing more goods from Mexico than from China
Gold closed at 2,095.7, its highest closing price in history. But will a potential triple top stop further gains?

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