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NVDA 788.17 (+0.36%) SMCI 860.01 (-11.84%) TSLA 191.97 (-2.76%) AMD 176.52 (-2.94%) AMZN 174.99 (+0.23%) META 484.03 (-0.43%)

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Why soybeans and natural gas prices continue collapsing, while cocoa remains in a panic frenzy

Jim's video gives us a compelling rationale that includes concise trade strategies in three key markets

ZSK24 : 1141-6s (-0.93%)
SOYB : 24.05 (-0.70%)
NGJ24 : 1.699s (-7.26%)
UNG : 15.21 (-6.57%)
BOIL : 14.73 (-11.58%)
KOLD : 147.14 (+11.52%)
CCK24 : 6,256s (+6.76%)
Cotton Stalls into Weekend

The front month cotton futures were 10 to 100 points weaker in the active contracts on Friday. March futures printed a 73 point gain, though OI was listed at just 409 contracts. The March ’25 contract...

CTH24 : 94.93s (+0.77%)
CTK24 : 93.49s (-1.03%)
CTN24 : 92.62s (-1.07%)
Wheat Maintains Weekly Gain Despite Friday Pullback

Wheat futures faded into the weekend, but held onto a weekly gain. Chicago futures were down by as much as a dime on Friday, though March was still up by 13 cents vs last Friday. KC wheat futures dropped...

ZWH24 : 573-4s (-1.67%)
ZWK24 : 569-0s (-1.77%)
KEH24 : 568-6s (-0.91%)
MWH24 : 641-4s (-1.50%)
Beans Close Red on Friday

Soybean futures fell by as much as 14 ¾ cents across the front months on the last trade day of the week. March beans finished at a new contract low and the lowest mark for the lead month since the fall...

ZMK24 : 328.0s (-1.03%)
ZLK24 : 44.60s (-0.45%)
ZSH24 : 1133-0s (-1.29%)
ZSPAUS.CM : 10.8149 (-1.34%)
ZSK24 : 1141-6s (-0.93%)
ZSN24 : 1151-2s (-0.82%)
Cattle Rally Triple Digits into Monthly Report

Live cattle futures were up by $1.32 to $2.10 on Friday with a triple digit bounce into the CoF report. Feeders closed up by as much as 1.3% on the last trade day of the week, leaving March up by $3.55...

LEG24 : 185.600s (+1.14%)
LEJ24 : 187.900s (+0.72%)
LEM24 : 183.875s (+0.64%)
GFH24 : 254.575s (+1.00%)
GFJ24 : 259.975s (+1.28%)
Hog Futures Push Higher into Weekend

The lean hog market ended Friday with another 45 to 60 cent gains, which left April $1.97 higher for the week. The July contract closed +$100 for the first time since Feb 2023. USDA’s National Average...

HEJ24 : 87.200s (unch)
HEM24 : 99.375s (+0.45%)
KMJ24 : 93.225s (-0.03%)
Sub-$4 Corn!

The lead month corn contract closed below the $4 mark on Friday for the first time since the fall of 2020. March options also expired on the day with up to 9k $4 puts converted to futures. The other front...

ZCH24 : 399-6s (-1.54%)
ZCPAUS.CM : 3.8146 (-1.57%)
ZCK24 : 413-4s (-1.19%)
ZCN24 : 426-2s (-1.04%)
Introduction to CME Group Calendar Spread Options on Grains and Oilseed Products

Learn how various market participants can use Calendar Spread options from CME Group to hedge risk inherent in grain and oilseed operations.

Pure Hedge - Livestock and Grain

The 52-Week Low In March'24 Soybeans Has Changed

Stocks Settle Mixed as Tech Stock Rally Loses Steam

The S&P 500 Index ($SPX ) (SPY ) Friday closed up +0.03%, the Dow Jones Industrials Index ($DOWI ) (DIA ) closed up +0.16%, and the Nasdaq 100 Index ($IUXX ) (QQQ ) closed down -0.37%. Stock indexes on...

$SPX : 5,088.80 (+0.03%)
SPY : 507.85 (+0.07%)
$DOWI : 39,131.53 (+0.16%)
DIA : 391.28 (+0.19%)
$IUXX : 17,937.61 (-0.37%)
QQQ : 436.78 (-0.29%)
ZNH24 : 109-280s (unch)
PANW : 282.09 (+5.33%)
ZS : 235.23 (+4.02%)
S : 27.22 (+3.30%)
CYBR : 255.91 (+1.84%)
FTNT : 67.64 (+1.02%)

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A good sign for bulls as the S&P 500 Equal Weighted Index $IQX has hit its highest level since Jan 2022 and is nearing all-time highs
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Carvana $CVNA soared to its higheset price since 2022 after posting its largest daily gain since July 2023. But the stock still has a LONG LONG way to go.
BREAKING 🚨: Nvidia Short Sellers $NVDA earning's surge reportedly caused a $3 billion loss for short sellers. Ouch
Nvidia's $NVDA chart is insanity! It's spent the last 13 months above its 200D moving average and is now at its most extended level yet.
Stock Market is Extremely Greedy heading into the weekend! 🤑💰🫡 Will we see 80s next week? 🤔
Apple $AAPL just had its 2nd consecutive weekly close below its 200D moving average
Advanced Micro Devices Insider Trading Alert 🚨 Chair & CEO Lisa Su just sold $20.4 million worth of $AMD shares
Small Bank Credit Card Delinquency Rates jumped to 7.8% last quarter, the highest rate in history

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Major Market Indices

Symbol Last %Chg
$SPX 5,088.80 +0.03%
S&P 500 Index
$NASX 15,996.82 -0.28%
Nasdaq Composite
$DOWI 39,131.53 +0.16%
Dow Jones Industrials Average
$ONE 2,413.54 -0.06%
S&P 100 Index

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