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ICE Newcastle Coal Oct '22 (LQV22)

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Contract Specifications

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globalCOAL Newcastle Coal Futures
Contract Size
1,000 metric tonnes
Tick Size
0.05 points ($50 per contract)
Trading Hours
20:00p.m. - 18:00p.m. (EST)
Point Value
Expiration Date
10/28/22 (24 days)

Seasonal Chart

ICE Newcastle Coal Oct '22
Average Price Chart for 5 Prior Oct Contracts
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Price Performance

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Period Period Low Period High Performance
399.00 +1.25%
on 10/03/22
465.00 -13.12%
on 09/05/22
-36.90 (-8.37%)
since 09/02/22
331.85 +21.74%
on 07/18/22
465.00 -13.12%
on 09/05/22
+33.10 (+8.92%)
since 07/04/22
101.55 +297.83%
on 11/01/21
465.00 -13.12%
on 09/05/22
+245.90 (+155.53%)
since 10/04/21

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Key Turning Points

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Fibonacci 50% 283.27
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52-Week Low 101.55

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