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ULSD NY Harbor Nov '23 (HOX23)
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Contract Specifications

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New York Harbor ULSD
Contract Size
42,000 gallons
Tick Size
$0.0001 (0.01 cent) per gallon ($4.20 per contract)
Trading Hours
5:00p.m. - 4:00p.m. (Sun-Fri) (RTH 8:00a.m. - 1:30p.m.) (Settles 1:30p.m.) CST
Point Value
First Notice Date
Expiration Date
10/31/23 (expired)

Seasonal Chart

ULSD NY Harbor Nov '23
Average Price Chart for 5 Prior Nov Contracts

Commitment of Traders Positions as of Nov 21, 2023

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Commercials - Long / Short
136,800 (+9,365)
184,617 (+5,678)
Non-Commercials - Long / Short
56,037 (-3,274)
26,135 (-607)
Producers - Long / Short
76,833 (+9,095)
168,310 (+6,659)
Swap Dealers - Long / Short
49,736 (+634)
6,076 (-617)
Managed Money - Long / Short
48,406 (-2,298)
16,181 (-655)
Other Reportables - Long / Short
7,631 (-976)
9,954 (+48)
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Price Performance

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Period Period Low Period High Performance
2.8336 +5.55%
on 10/06/23
3.3464 -10.62%
on 10/02/23
-0.3096 (-9.38%)
since 09/29/23
2.8336 +5.55%
on 10/06/23
3.4178 -12.49%
on 09/14/23
+0.1141 (+3.97%)
since 07/28/23
2.1986 +36.04%
on 05/04/23
3.4178 -12.49%
on 09/14/23
+0.0690 (+2.36%)
since 10/28/22

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Key Turning Points

3rd Resistance Point 3.0709
2nd Resistance Point 3.0509
1st Resistance Point 3.0210
Last Price 2.9910s
1st Support Level 2.9711
2nd Support Level 2.9511
3rd Support Level 2.9212

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52-Week High 3.4178
Last Price 2.9910s
Fibonacci 61.8% 2.9521
Fibonacci 50% 2.8082
Fibonacci 38.2% 2.6643
52-Week Low 2.1986

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