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American Consumers Inc (ANCSQ)

American Consumers Inc (ANCSQ)

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Inaugural 10.10 Shopping Festival to Deliver the Holidays to American Consumers

Coresight Research, the global research and advisory firm specializing in retail and technology, Shopkick, a leading shopping rewards app, and Fashwire, an AI driven two-sided B2B and B2C global fashion...

ANCSQ : 0.0005 (unch)
American Consumers Facing 'Imminent Economic Collapse' Without Additional Federal Stimulus, Per New LegalShield Report

Released today, the July 2020 LegalShield Law Index, a suite of leading indicators of the economic and financial status of U.S. households and small business, saw its Consumer Financial Stress Index remain...

ANCSQ : 0.0005 (unch)
Mitch Gould and Nutritional Products International Welcome Retail Surge in May

American consumers are back to buying.

ANCSQ : 0.0005 (unch)
New Research Shows One-in-Four American Consumers Do Not Purchase Products Containing the Top 9 Food Allergens

, /PRNewswire/ -- Eighty-five million U.S. consumers managing food allergies spend more than annually on specialty food products to avoid allergic reactions or other health consequences—paying five...

ANCSQ : 0.0005 (unch)
New Digital Platforms And Inclusive Content Enable Brands To Engage The $1.2 Trillion Asian-American Consumer Market Like Never Before

, /PRNewswire/ -- As the United States begins a path towards economic recovery, the Asian-American consumer market will play a critical role in its revitalization. For forward-looking companies and...

ANCSQ : 0.0005 (unch)
NLSN : 13.90 (+1.46%)
National Urban League and HundredX introduce initial findings comparing the differences in customer experience for African-American Consumers

Preliminary data findings include*:

ANCSQ : 0.0005 (unch)
Reakiro Europe's High-Quality CBD Products a Perfect Match to American Consumers Who Want Alternative Wellness Options

The American consumer wants holistic and natural wellness alternatives.

ANCSQ : 0.0005 (unch)
Shedir Pharma, an Italian Health and Wellness Company, Introduces Popular Dietary Supplements to American Consumers

Shedir Pharma, an Italian health and wellness company with more than 250 products, plans to export its most popular dietary supplements to America.

ANCSQ : 0.0005 (unch)
Nearly 60% of American Consumers Feel Burdened by Debt Entering the 2020s According to LendingTree Survey

Most Americans ushered in the new year and new decade feeling burdened by debt, although the LendingTree survey also showed that many are still optimistic about their financial futures. To measure the...

ANCSQ : 0.0005 (unch)
TREE : 304.15 (+0.99%)
Painful Customer Support Experiences Bring 52% of American Consumers to Tears and Profanity

More than half (52%) of U.S. respondents in a recent survey reveal they become so frustrated when soliciting customer support that they swear or even cry. This figure is similar to U.K. survey results...

ANCSQ : 0.0005 (unch)
US Trade Rep Announces 25% China Tariff Exclusions Granted to Luxury Vinyl Tile Companies

The United States Trade Representative has announced its most recent list of products to be granted an exclusion from the 25% tariffs assessed on goods imported from China. The exclusion includes products...

ANCSQ : 0.0005 (unch)
American Consumers Recognize Their Role in Preventing Cybercrime, are Bothered by Perceived Inconveniences of Advanced Security

--Only 45% of consumers have received formal cybersecurity training from their employer

ANCSQ : 0.0005 (unch)
FISV : 101.52 (+3.30%)
U.S. Consumers Rate LG Home Appliances #1 In Customer Satisfaction

LG Electronics USA again leads the home appliance industry, earning the #1 rating in overall customer satisfaction across its home appliance portfolio that includes kitchen and laundry appliances, according...

ANCSQ : 0.0005 (unch)
Zogby Analytics and Wi-Charge Release First-Ever Report on the Current State of Power Options for Smart Home & Mobile Devices

Wi-Charge, the leader in long-range wireless power, and Zogby Analytics, provider of custom research and insight to leaders of businesses and communities, have released a new report: Charging America 2019:...

ANCSQ : 0.0005 (unch)
Trio Sana's Kollagenix and Frankincense Supplements Coming to American Consumers in 2019

Trio Sana, a health and wellness company based in the United Kingdom, plans to bring marine collagen supplements and high-quality frankincense essential oil to the American consumer.

ANCSQ : 0.0005 (unch)
Health and Wellness Company, Trio Sana, Plans to Bring Anti-Aging Supplement to American Consumers

Everyone wants to slow down the aging process.

ANCSQ : 0.0005 (unch)
2019 Mazda CX-5 Signature Diesel Joins Nearly 50 Diesel Vehicle Models Available to American Consumers

Statement from Allen Schaeffer, executive director of the Diesel Technology Forum.

ANCSQ : 0.0005 (unch)
Fool Me Once... American Consumers Are Slow to Trust but Quicker to Forgive Security Breaches Than Their British Counterparts, Research from PCI Pal Finds

--26% of Brits won't spend with brands they don't trust to handle data compared to just 18% of Americans

ANCSQ : 0.0005 (unch)
Majority of American Consumers Feel Comfortable With Smart Home

Internet connected homes have gone beyond niche early adopters, with the majority (56%) Americans feeling comfortable with IoT technology. In TraQline's inaugural Smart Home survey, 69% of household reported...

ANCSQ : 0.0005 (unch)
Peroxfarma Brings Epaplus Nutritional Supplements to American Consumers

American consumers will soon have the opportunity to check out Peroxfarma's Epaplus nutritional supplements, which will help people suffering from joint pain, sleep disorders, digestion problems and decreased...

ANCSQ : 0.0005 (unch)

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