Chart your course with the 2.1 release of cmdtyView

Things just keep getting better for our customers as cmdtyView continues its path to the leading platform for commodity professionals. As always, current subscribers get access to the new data and features all delivered to their front-ends without any downloads or additional costs. The latest and greatest content and features at a stunning value

"We continue to build on our strong 2.0 release and are committed to making cmdtyView the only platform agribusinesses need to manage their workflow and risk," Chris Harrison, CTO of Barchart stated.

  • We completely ripped out the old chart library and dropped in a brand new home-grown library that is lightweight, super high-performance, and completely responsive. More to come!
  • Made some fairly significant performance improvements to the chart update model which should improve CPU and memory consumption
  • Added ability to view delayed and end of day exchanges/data sources in symbol browser. If you haven't checked-out our symbol browser - you can find it by clicking the magnifying icon on any quoteboard

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