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Barchart Launches Equity Option Center and Adds Naked Puts and Credit Spreads to its Advanced Option Screener

CHICAGO, IL – March 5, 2014 –, Inc., a leading provider of market data and information, today announced the release of its equity option center on its flagship website, as well as a major upgrade to its covered call screener, with the addition of naked puts, credit spreads, and intraday updates.

The option center offers equity option news, performance lists, such as volume leaders, implied volatility leaders, and optionable stock lists. "Equity options are the most popular leveraged derivatives in the world, and our users have been requesting more extensive coverage for a fair amount of time," said Eero Pikat, President of Barchart. “With the release of our option center now offers in-depth coverage of every major asset class," added Pikat.

The Advanced Options Screener features a revamped interface with more filters and criteria aiming at helping users identify the best covered calls, naked puts and credit spreads.

“The covered call screener we released last year was met with a very positive response," said Boris Wexler, Director of Web Development. “This expanded version offers more versatility for options traders to select the best opportunities for their individual strategy," added Wexler.

  • Optionspecificnewscontent
  • Optionvolumeleaders
  • Optioncontractswithhighestimpliedvolatility
  • Toppercentincreaseanddecreaseinimpliedvolatility
  • Topincreaseanddecreaseinopeninterest
  • Optionablestockswithearningswithin60days
  • Optionablestocksbysector



  • Six strategies: covered calls, naked puts, bull put spreads , bull call spreads, bear call spreads and bear put spreads
  • Data refreshed every 20 minutes intraday
  • Over 20 different filters to help select the best covered calls, naked puts and credit spreads.

For more information about the option center, please visit For more information about the Advanced Option Screener, please visit

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