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Historical & End-of-Day Data


Barchart’s Historical and End-of-Day data is available for worldwide equities, futures, indices, funds and forex.

This data can be delivered to clients through Barchart OnDemand or common file transfer methods such as FTP. One-time data sales, as well as daily update services are available, and can be customized to meet the product set defined by our clients.

Barchart’s redundant data integrity policies ensures our data meets the highest standards of accuracy. The breadth of data available, along with easy access, makes our EOD and Historical Data Solutions a must-have tool for your business.

  • Coverage: Global Equities, Indices, Futures, Funds and Forex
  • Delivery: Barchart OnDemand or FTP
  • Granularity: Tick, Minute, and End-of-Day Summary Data is available
  • Historical data is available for redistribution
  • Redistribute our data subject to redistribution agreement and additional user subscriber fees
  • Worldwide Equities
  • Worldwide Forex
  • Worldwide Funds
  • Worldwide Futures
  • Worldwide Indices
  • OnDemand Delivery (Web Service APIs)
  • File-Based Delivery (FTP)

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