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Get corporate actions data on thousands of publicly-traded companies with simple delivery over FTP, Barchart OnDemand, or through Barchart Digital

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What Do You Get With a Corporate Actions API?

Access to reliable corporate actions data is critically important to make better decisions, reduce risk, and accurately track changes that impact securities in your investment universe. Barchart subscribers can access corporate action data on thousands of publicly-traded companies and stay up-to-date on the latest public information.

Dividends - Cash and Stock

Spin Offs / Splits

Mergers & Acquisitions

Rights Issues

Security IDs & Reference Information

Who Uses Corporate Actions Information?

Professional Traders

Know with certainty which dividends and other major corporate actions fall into option and future expiries with data you can rely on.

Risk Managers

Understand firmwide exposures with dependable data you can easily build into your risk software and workflows.

Index Providers

Ensure high-quality index calculations and perform robust backtests with reliable corporate action information that is simple to ingest.

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