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Build trading strategies or products your customers will love with ratings from Wall Street's leading analysts. Access Analyst Ratings data through Barchart OnDemand and Barchart Digital.

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What Do You Get With an Analyst Ratings API?

Whether you're using the data for your own analysis, or creating visualizations for your products, stock analyst ratings data can help you make sense of the noise. Keep informed of the latest rating changes to make better decisions.

4,500+ rated companies

Historical information available

Make informed decisions based on top analysts

Compare performance of ratings over time

React faster to ratings changes to generate alpha

Who Uses Analyst Ratings Information?


Create compelling visualizations that engage your users and allow them to dig deeper into their portfolios than ever before

Professional Traders

Build reliable ratings data into your strategies to improve theoretical valuations and improve entry and exits


Build amazing tools that allow users to screen on ratings and support decision workflows that get users into your sales funnel

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