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Access news from a wide variety of news sources including Associated Press, Canadian Press, PR Newswire, Business Wire, and Dow Jones - get Barchart's proprietary news content via API.

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What Do You Get With a News API?

Subscribers to our News API get access to streaming news stories from the sources that matter to them. Access breaking news, company press releases, global financial market coverage, all with rich tagging and metadata that helps you make better decisions.

Available per source or through a consolidated feed

Ticker tagged, category filtering and keyword search

Access Barchart News and Barchart Contributor feeds

Deep historical news data available

Exclusive redistributor of Barchart Commodities Newswires

Solutions for every commodity market

Who Uses News?

Professional Traders

Automate trading strategies that leverage news as an input to identify opportunities or find risk before it finds you


Build beautiful and engaging sites with deep content that keeps your users coming back for more


Integrate our news feed service into your app to attract, engage, and activate users by giving them the exact content they need

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