What Drives Futures Market Participants

A Futures Market Survey by Barchart

The Futures markets are represented by many types of investors, traders, hedgers, and other market participants. Some are professionals who work at exchanges, brokerages and hedge funds, while others are non-professionals or individuals who speculate on the markets for their own account. Barchart compiled a comprehensive Futures Market Survey to further understand how each of these different audiences interacts with the futures markets, on which platforms, and for what purposes. To view our findings, download a free copy of the full report.

Inside the Survey:
  • For what primary purpose do individuals trade futures?
  • What types of futures do these investors trade?
  • What drives futures trading decisions?
  • Where do people get futures prices from?
  • Which brokerages do individuals use?
  • Where platforms do investors use to trade futures?
  • For what reasons do people not trade futures?
  • What would users like to see more of?

...plus more!

A Futures Market Survey by Barchart

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