OTC Grain Price Indexes and Assessments

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An overview of our OTC Grain Price Indexes and Assessments

Smart, transparent, and accurate price assessments for Corn, Soybeans, and Wheat - to power decisions for physical grain professionals. Our assessment methodology uses a sophisticated - but transparent - weighting process to ensure our prices are objective and reflective of underlying market economics. Whether you subscribe through our APIs, our high-performance streaming feeds, or cmdtyView®, we have a solution that can meet the needs of your firm.

Key benefits:
  • Commodity Indexes are easily integrated into your application, website, or workflow through our flexible delivery methods
  • Independent end-of-day pricing allows users to analyze historical trade performance, and spot opportunities with new potential counterparties
  • Our real-time assessments can power your front-end analytics and trading applications to ensure that the price you’re buying or selling at is the true market price
OTC Grain Price Indexes and Assessments

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